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YUS farmers drink their own coffee

| March 17, 2012

It is not every day that a farmer has the opportunity to drink the coffee that they have grown. We received these photos from the recent YUS Conservation meeting in the village of Sapmanga, where the farmers of YUS celebrated the remarkable acheivment of the past year by drinking their coffee for the first time. What did the coffee taste like ?  ” Gutpela Tru !”

124 Ludlow Street

| March 14, 2012
We are here. 
It has been quite the week, New York. Since opening our first NYC Caffe Vita location on the Lower East Side on Monday we’ve made new friends and, it goes without saying, lots and lots of coffee. In fact, we’ll be giving it away all week through Saturday. 
200 square feet of brilliant coffee. 

Yes, you read that correctly. We’re serving free coffee beverages until closing at 5pm on Saturday. Come introduce yourself and join our pizza-making neighbors, Via Tribunali, for another taste of Seattle by way of Naples.

Our Gothot roaster.

Want to really feast your eyes? Stop by again soon when we start roasting in the shop itself. Vita will be the one and only in-shop roaster in Manhattan. But first, sip Vita for free in our new location. It’s our way of thanking NYC for the warm welcome!

PDX Pies Arrive in NYC

| March 13, 2012
Caffe Vita: now open on the Lower East Side.

Nothing says “welcome” like pie! This morning, our brand new Vita location at 124 Ludlow on the Lower East Side was treated to a bevy of fresh pies from our friends at Random Order Coffeehouse in Portland.

Pie and coffee, coast to coast.

They’ve certainly made our second sunny day open in Manhattan even brighter with rhubarb, shaker lemon, and pecan pies. Nothing against flowers, but this sure beats a bouquet. Thanks for welcoming us to NYC, PDX!

Please note our handsome roaster in the background. 

Caffe Vita NYC

| March 12, 2012

Caffe Vita opened bright and early this morning in New York City. We’re excited to serve the Lower East Side and beyond. Come see us at 124 Ludlow and stay tuned for more photos of the new space!