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Seattle Asks, Vita Answers

| May 10, 2012

Ask.com wants to fix what irks Seattle’s residents the most and is asking you to raise your voice. By voting on SeattleAsks.com, you have the power to help Seattle in a big way.

Do long rides in the spring rain and wind have you down? A vote for Vita will help ease your morning commute. Ask.com can’t eliminate 520 bridge tolls or widen I-5, but they can brighten up your first morning back to work after Memorial Day. If we win, Vita will team up with Ask.com to bring you fresh brewed coffee at various park-and-rides throughout the Seattle area along plenty of other welcome surprises.

Voting ends May 15th, so go vote for Vita. Although, we must admit that we do love a wading pool on a hot summer day. Wading goes brilliantly with iced Toddy. Cast your ballot wisely!