Monthly Archives: May 2012

Vita + PCC

| May 14, 2012
We’re excited to announce that as of today you can purchase Vita at all PCC Natural Markets! Special offerings include Theo Blend in bulk, our truly unique coffee from Papua New Guinea, as well as our 12,000 Rain Gardens Blend
We think that Vita pairs well with a co-op that celebrates food, is owned by 45,000 members in the Puget Sound area and is committed to supporting local, sustainable agriculture. 
Go forth and sip! 

Seattle Asks, Vita Answers

| May 10, 2012 wants to fix what irks Seattle’s residents the most and is asking you to raise your voice. By voting on, you have the power to help Seattle in a big way.

Do long rides in the spring rain and wind have you down? A vote for Vita will help ease your morning commute. can’t eliminate 520 bridge tolls or widen I-5, but they can brighten up your first morning back to work after Memorial Day. If we win, Vita will team up with to bring you fresh brewed coffee at various park-and-rides throughout the Seattle area along plenty of other welcome surprises.

Voting ends May 15th, so go vote for Vita. Although, we must admit that we do love a wading pool on a hot summer day. Wading goes brilliantly with iced Toddy. Cast your ballot wisely! 

Spot That Neon

| May 8, 2012
Ladies and gentleman, may we present Via Tribunali’s expert pizzaiolo Nico Calzone in all his dough twirling glory? See if you can spot a familiar neon sign in the background. That’s Caffe Vita on the Lower East Side! 

Bonnie Bakes with Vita

| May 4, 2012

The inspiration behind Bonnie’s Survival Cookies came from long hours and a passion to seek out the best ingredients possible. From homebaker to cookie guru, Washington-born Bonnie Hoffman returned to her roots when fine tuning her recipe for Survival Cookies.

We’re excited to be included in the latest incarnation of the cookies, which feature Vita’s 12,000 Rain Gardens Blend, Theo chocolate, and Chukar cherries. It’s difficult to get any more Northwest than that.

For those of you playing along at home, our 12,000 Rain Gardens blend is the result of a partnership with Stewardship Partners and Washington State University’s program of the same name. It makes sense, then, that Bonnie’s first venture into the cookie business evolved as part of another WSU program, Students In Free Enterprise.

Regardless of collaboration, everything depends on taste. Combining the fruits of two local roasters with cherries that are uniquely Northwest yields delicious results.

Get your Survival Cookies here.