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Notes from the Road: Papua New Guinea

| October 11, 2012
Creating a stencil for our bags. 

Our green bean buyer, Daniel, is currently traveling in Papua New Guinea. Here are his latest notes from the road:

I’ve been in the port city of Lae, Morobe Province for the past three days hastily preparing the first portion of the second harvest from the YUS Conservation Area for export to the United States. While the logistics of transporting and processing coffee are usually challenging, Papua New Guinea takes the prize for being the most difficult. The extremely rugged terrain and lack of infrastructure has lead to the isolation of many peoples, while contributing to the incredible diversity of the country (over 800 distinct languages), is not the most conducive to purchasing the amazing coffees of this land. Small aircraft remain our most viable option to transport the coffee, but the one aviation company that services the airstrips of YUS has not been very helpful to say the least. Fortunately, just yesterday, the remainder of the coffee from Sapmanga has made it out. We have been running all over town, purchasing jute, marking the bags, milling the coffee and finally delivering to the export warehouse. The vessel is due to embark on its journey to the U.S. later this month.

Milling and bagging the coffee. 
Unloading the export to warehouse. 

Tomorrow morning I will fly into Sapmanga with Benjamin and Dono and spend the following six days hiking to the villages of Gomdan, Mungku, Boksawin, Worin, Toweth, and Yawan to meet with the farmers.

We will keep you updated on Daniel’s travels as he shares photos and stories from this amazing trip.