Peru La Convención

| January 2, 2013

At the confluence of the Vilcanota and Yanatile rivers, there live a number of coffee-growing communities. Using organic methods, typica and yellow caturra are cultivated in the rich, clay soils. Thanks to the shade requirements of coffee cultivation, the forested area of this lush landscape has been preserved over generations.

Each cherry was distinct. We discovered jasmine-scented typica flowers and yellow caturra blossoms with melon aromas. After harvest, the cherries were pulped, fermented, washed and then sun-dried on solar driers. In a region prone to rain and high humidity, the drying process is the most critical step.

We sat down to a cupping with the farmers who grew this coffee. Their impressive attention to detail showed through in every cup. At that moment, it became clear that this particular coffee was the right fit for Vita!

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