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Ben & Jerry’s Is Making A Flavor For Seattle!

| June 6, 2013

So far Caffe Vita is leading Marshmallows in votes!

City Churned is a campaign launched by Ben & Jerry’s to promote flavors that are local to a particular city. In this case, Caffe Vita and Theo Chocolate are the two Seattle flavors that you can vote for, along side traditional favorites like cookie dough and fudge brownies. Dave Stever, Ben & Jerry’s Director of Marketing, says, “Name a city and you feel a pulse that is individual to that hub. There’s a personality to each location that is distinctive unto itself. We’re going to give our fans something we’ve never given them before: a chance to mix up an ice cream as unique as that city’s own flavor.”

The voting ends on September 1st. You can have your say on Ben & Jerry’s site, and we would love it if you voted for Caffe Vita!

More information about City Churned and Ben & Jerry’s Fair-trade Ice Cream.


A Walk On Water

| June 6, 2013



It is finally that time again, summer is right around the corner and A Walk On Water is proud to announce their first official event of 2013!  A Walk On Water is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing water therapy through guided surf instruction to special needs children.  They will be returning to where it all started, Hollister Ranch, for the first of four events there this year.  The event will take place on June 22nd, as it has been delayed for safety purposes.











The morning session will start at 9:30 AM and the afternoon session at 1:00 PM.  Lunch will be served from 11:30-12:30 PM.  After the event ends at 4:00 PM, the adventure continues at Bulito Beach!  Below is a beautiful description of AWOW, and information pertaining to how you can be a part of this program!

Surfing is used as a tool to gain self confidence skills and promote the therapeutic benefits of the sport’s positive effects. Events are dedicated to the children having a safe day experiencing the oceans healing qualities. Children will experience the “stoke” of surfing and sense of accomplishment as family and friends cheer them on from the beach.

Founded by Josh Froley and Pat R. Notaro III the inspiration began 12 years ago at the 1st annual “Pat Notaro Day Malibu Surfers Healing” hosted by Variety Club The Children’s Charity. The event is a tribute to Pat’s late father who was an avid Malibu surfer, member of the Variety Club and Sony Executive. Over 200 autistic children experienced surfing at this years event!

Donating time as instructors and ambassadors for different surf therapy charities both Josh and Pat felt it was necessary to serve all special needs children and their families. Through these experiences they were inspired to do more— create a movement.  With the intent to approach “giving back” just like surfing, is cool and fashionable.  Creating a brand and a platform to help benefit all surf related charities.

These events are free to the families and all other attendees.  Donations are welcome and can be made out to A Walk On Water Inc or by clicking on the donatebutton above.  These monies will be appropriated to hold A Walk On Water events and provide relief for the families of special needs children.

Signups are extremely limited, so be sure to sign up here ASAP. We will send out a confirmation email leading up to the event if your child will be participating. If you are unable to make it after signing up, please be sure to let us know ASAP so that we can fill the spot.

For those looking to make it an overnight or weekend adventure, we are in talks with the local hotel to offer discounted room rates – we’ll update this as soon as it’s finalized.

We at AWOW are all so excited for this event and the coming year, we hope you will all be able to join the AWOW family on this adventure!  -AWOW

Caffe Vita couldn’t be more excited to be serving coffee to friends and family at this year’s event.  We are both humbled, and extremely honored to be a part of these festivities.

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Help Us Welcome Capitol Cider To The Hill!

| June 6, 2013

Photo taken by capitolhillseattle.com

Capitol Cider is about to open it’s doors on Tuesday (June 11th), bringing cider and beer, and a naturally gluten-free menu to the Hill’s masses at 818 Pike Street!  According to the Seattle Met, the following are five great reasons to visit Capitol Cider.

Cheerio, it feels like a real English-style pub. You know how pubs just have that feel, like you could sit for hours drinking and chatting with your friends? The big, dark wooden booths lining the dining area are padded and cozy for just such occasions. You can reasonably expect to be plied with pub grub and lots to drink, and a Mason and Hamlin piano from 1906 sits downstairs just asking for an old English sing-along of ancient naval tunes. If you happen to know any.

The menu is gluten-free, but let’s not get all sanctimonious about it. “We’re not technically a gluten-free restaurant, because we serve beer, but we are highlighting food that happens to naturally not have wheat in it,” Reilly says, “It’s giving the small percentage of the population that’s celiac, and the greater part that’s gluten intolerant, a place that they can go and not be poisoned, but everyone else can enjoy it too.” The menu items will be made in house, no prepackaged frozen foods or imitations of pasta or bread.

Cider is delicious. And there will likely be a few you’ve never tried, what with 100 offerings in the bottle (available to go, as well). Anyone for a round of 99 bottles of cider on the wall—that sounds like a pub game, right? The English eatery is split-level, which means two bars, one on the main floor, the other in the basement. Each bar has 30 taps, pouring the same lineup of about 10 dedicated to cider and 18 to local brews, the other two will be for specialties like mead or wine. Phil Thompson, hailing from Tavern Law and the Coterie Room, is the bar manager and has a craft cocktail menu in the works. Let’s see some cider-driven cocktails, Phil.

Those kinds of portraits that follow you with their eyes. A wise George Washington looks over the dining room from the bar, just one of the 18 paintings commissioned from aspiring artists . The pieces are reproductions of presidential portraits and nautical scenes created by members of the Gage Academy of Art. Each artist chose a classic piece to “copy” to better learn the ways of traditional techniques. Downstairs an original mural from local artist Tenold Sundberg depicts a bar brawl. The characters are apparently the artist’s friends; let’s hope patrons don’t try to recreate the scene.

You can bring your friends and play games. To add to the hangout vibe, there’s shuffleboard, chess and checkers tables, and board games on the way. The area is optimal for large groups and parties. With a lot new big beer halls coming in, it seems these days that bargoers roam in packs of six or more, so the 150 seats will most likely be filled and don’t be surprised to see lines out the door and around the corner.  –Seattle Met

Photo taken by capitolhillseattle.com

Photo taken by capitolhillseattle.com

Additionally, they will be serving Caffe Vita coffee by French press and cold brew, which may eventually be set up on tap, and will definitely find its way into some cocktails.  We couldn’t be more excited to have them in the hood!

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