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Stewardship Partners Building 12,000 Rain Gardens

| June 27, 2013

Gretchen, Marketing Manager at Caffe Vita, had the pleasure of visiting the Stewardship Partnersteam at their newest Rain Gardens site.  This specific project came to be when a local West Seattle woman wanted to do something with her yard that could bring the community together.  By chance she met with Aaron from Stewardship Partners and explained to him her vision of having a rain garden in her front yard, something the local community could use as an educational tool.  He assured her he would help find a way, and that’s exactly what he did, acquiring a grant to turn their mission into a film project, he set the scene in her front yard, helping make this dream come true.

 12,000 Rain Gardens

12,000 Rain Gardens is a campaign Stewardship partners started 5 years ago to help offset the biggest pollution to the Puget Sound, polluted water runoff from populated areas.  Building rain gardens in highly urbanized areas helps to reduce water pollution by absorbing runoff and preventing flooding. Rain Gardens are designed using native plants, leveraging each plants unique ability to break down specific chemical compounds, turning them into nutrients.  Rain Gardens also offer a solution to climate change, offering thriving vegetation in cities, building resilience and developing a system for prevention.

Caffe Vita was eager to help with this project and donated over 100 burlap bags used to transport our green beans.  The burlap was used to mulch out the grass and suppress invasive plants.  Moss was planted on the burlap to help transport the moss from where it was harvested in Hood Canal to the rain garden site.  The beauty of this specific site is the meticulous design and detail put in to resemble major features in the Puget Sound including Orcas and Whidbey Island, Strait of Juan De Fuca, Hood Canal, Ruston Way and beautifully lined by the Olympic Mountains.

By 2016 Stewardship Partners dreams there will be 12,000 Rain Gardens in the Puget Sound.  To get the support needed to introduce their concept and execute it across all 12 Counties, they partnered with Washington State University’s Master Gardner Program.  The concept has been well received, it’s a natural option for landscaping yards and some neighborhoods even offer housing rebates for the project.  Businesses can use their land space to participate; rain gardens can be found in Seattle Safeway parking lots and even on the joint base Lewis –McChord.

A portion of the sales from Caffe Vita’s 12,000 Rain Gardens Blend is donated to help fund their goal of 12,000 rain gardens by 2016. (http://www.caffevita.com/shop/coffee/blends/12000-rain-gardens-blend.html)

If you would like to get involved with this program or have a rain garden to register, helping reach the 12,000 goal, you can do so here: (http://www.12000raingardens.org/index.phtml)


Excellence. It’s the Law.

| June 27, 2013

We would love to highlight an amazing Chef and dear friend, Michael Law for his incredible work. He’s currently the Head Chef at The Wandering Goose, and alongside Heather Earnhardt has created incredible, mouth watering delights such as GRITS & GRILLADES (pan seared pork loin, spicy gravy, Boonville grits) and my personal favorite, the HANGTOWN FRY (fried oysters, cured pork belly, poached eggs). Aside from his culinary wizardry, he is hands down one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Tonight he is being recognized for his talents by The Seattle Met and Trumer Pils at a dining extravaganza, which includes exquisite cuisine created by the chefs themselves, premium beer, cocktails and live music.  Rising Star Chefs 2013 is only hours away!

You can be a part of this! You have about four hours to purchase tickets, just click the link below and you’re on your way to an incredible evening. If you attend, don’t miss your chance to support Global Partnerships by purchasing raffle tickets to win one of many incredible items, including one-of-a-kind artwork by Steve Jensen, valued at $400! Event is limited to 100 guests, so be sure to get a ticket before they’re gone, and again, congratulations to Michael Law. We know that this is just the beginning!


Cafe Zia @ Earthbox Inn & Spa!

| June 27, 2013
Want a great place to stay in Friday Harbor? Try the Earthbox Inn & Spa, offering a cozy setting with lots of amenities, and now serving Caffe Vita espresso beverages at Cafe Zia by the pool.  For more information, please check out their website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!