On the Truck, Off the Rez.

| July 2, 2013

I love food trucks, especially if they provide street eats that are less common than the standard fare.  The first time I heard about Off the Rez I was eves dropping.  Someone mentioned it was parked next door to Big Mario’s New York Style Pizza, and how delicious the food was.  I immediately made my way to that location.  To my delight, there it was, off the rez!

Off the Rez!

I decided to go for it, and found not only did they provide me with mouth watering, tasty nibbles like Banana Nutella Sweet Frybread, but the guys running the cart were good spirited, fun loving individuals that made me feel welcome and appreciated before I even had a chance to order!

Off the Rez!

Off the Rez is a food truck that provides Native American inspired cuisine including Indian tacos & fry bread, a much needed addition to the scene, and is owned by Mark McConnell and Cecilia Rikard.  Mark grew up eating frybread and Indian tacos at family gatherings and powwows.  Mark’s mother spent most of her childhood growing up on the rez in Browning, Montana and lovingly taught Mark all about Native food and culture.

Off the Rez!

Mark’s inspiration for opening Off the Rez stemmed from his attempt to find Native American cuisine in Seattle.  He couldn’t find anything, so Mark quickly partnered up with Chef Donovan MacInnis (who has been cooking his way through Seattle kitchens and catering since earning his Culinary Arts degree in 2005) and began the process of opening up shop.

McConnell says he originally tried to open a restaurant, and decided instead to pursue a mobile operation.  He purchased the truck and implored a friend who builds custom motorcycles to help fix it up.  If you would like to know where you can find their truck, check out Off the Rez’s Facebook page, and be sure to follow them on Twitter!


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