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Featured Product of the Week: Tokers Tea Co. OG Mint

| May 14, 2014


For those not into all the heavy caffeine of coffee or other teas, Tokers Tea Co. OG Mint is the perfect choice to sip on.

Born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, the peppermint and herbal blend is not only the most potent form of mint in the world, but because it’s caffeine free, you won’t feel guilty loading up on refills.

Made with the finest organic peppermint in the region, Tokers Tea Co. OG Mint has a distinctive flavor and heady aroma which helps calm the body and soothe the digestive system.

While it’s encouraged to experiment with the quantity of tea leaves and length of steep time, be careful not to either overheat the water or keep it too cool, both can drastically effect the tastes of the tea.

It’s recommended to brew at around 212°F (or boiling), with a tablespoon of leaf per eight ounces of water, steeping it for 4-5 minutes.

With the warm spring and summers ahead, it’s a great alternative to an iced coffee.

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