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Vita Cohorts: Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge

| May 15, 2014

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Whether it’s the catchy music that’s subtly playing over the speakers or the taxidermy that’s either mounted on the walls or placed around the joint, Capitol Hill’s Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge—located in the heart of the Pike/Pine triangle—is a place that should become your regular hangout.

On this Thursday morning, I walk in to the sounds of The Temptations’, “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” that instantly makes me want to cut it up on the floor as if I’m at a wedding—which I quickly resist after salivating over the offerings on the menu.

Not sure if it’s the song or just the fully stocked bar, but, although it’s just after 9a, I’m tempted with some of the adult beverage options the place has, which would no doubt make this morning even better.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 1.15.31 PM

Instead, I go with some of Caffe Vita’s own coffee—which is proudly served at Lost Lake—making sure I do the right thing for everyone who might see me today.

Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t be headed back later, with a tremendous Happy Hour on both delicious food and drinks that goes on both early in the morning from 6a-9a, and then another one from 4p-6p that offers a variety of their extensive menu.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 1.14.24 PM

After scarfing down my Goat Cheese Scramble omelet, I just relax and talk with some of the other patrons who are either ahead of the game with Mimosa’s or Bloody Mary’s, shooting the shit about the 80 degree weather outside and how next week’s Sasquatch! Festival is going to be off the damn chain—especially since Vita will be there hanging out.

It may have just been a quick trip today, but you can bet your ass that I’ll be back again soon for the chill atmosphere, good food and drinks, Vita coffee and small talk with some of the other dudes just hanging around the bar top—which, as a 24 hour diner, is usually pretty common here.