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10 Things You Need to Know Right Now

| May 19, 2014

JAY-Z-Beyoncé-_RUN_.mp40999-e1400394296912-650x347Yep, it’s Monday.

And since you’re probably nursing a two-day hangover and need our coffee to help pick you up today, here are a few things that you should know right now.

Rather than let things get slow and boring, allow these to bring some spark to the first day of your week.

10. This whole Jay Z and Beyonce “Run” trailer is not real—but just a clever way to promote their summer tour.

9. 13 year old Jeffrey Miller knows how to use Vine better than anyone else.

8. Moving is the most miserable thing on the planet. From the experience our Storyteller Nick Dimengo had this weekend, it was a random he thought was worth sharing.

7. Here’s a sneak preview of the film Foxcatcher, which is already being touted as an Oscar contender for 2015—and it stars two actors you might not associate with the Academy Awards.

6. It’s Sasquatch! Week. Do you have what you need to survive the debauchery about to unravel?

5. Last night’s Billboard Music Awards unveiled a Michael Jackson hologram—which we’re still trying to figure out was dope or a little creepy?

4. Actor Matthew McConaughey found out that his neighbor in New Orleans was Brad Pitt. Naturally, Pitt welcomed his fellow 2014 Oscar winner with a brew—which McConaughey abruptly drank with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Alright, alright, alright.

3. You can now buy your own cold brewing system from our Online store.

2. Lance Armstrong got a mega awkward Cards Against Humanity choice last night—and he tweeted it out quite beautifully.

1. Mike Law—Owner/Chef of Bourbon & Bones in Fremont—welcomed his first baby into the world this weekend. Stop into the store and congratulate him with some bourbon.