Featured Product of the Week: Ladies Racer Tank

| May 29, 2014


Does anyone know what that bright, warm thing in the sky is?

It’s been out off and on for awhile now—and we’re looking forward to enjoying it a hell of a lot more for the next four months or so—because we like what it’s doing to us.

And when it’s out, we all like to lose the heavy clothing that we’ve been bundled up in since Halloween, finally allowing us to show some skin.

For that reason, Caffe Vita is releasing some sick merch for our female fans to scoop and rep anywhere they go—and there’s nothing better than our Ladies Racer Tank to wear during the summer.

While a tee is always a safe bet, why not lose the short sleeves and show those toned arms instead?

Made from 100% cotton to help keep you cool, it’s the perfect compliment to wear underneath a shirt, or, as we suggest, all on its own.

Not being released in our cafes until next week, the only place to purchase right now is through our Online Shop, so get a head start on everyone else and get yours now—just remember to wear sunscreen on the skin you’ll be showing while it’s on you.

Buy the tank in our Online Shop.