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What We’re Diggin’ on June 3rd

| June 3, 2014


After a weekend and first few days of some warmer weather here in Seattle, it seems like every single Vita employee just can’t help but be outside.

And with the addition of Negroni Week going on with our good friends at Via Tribunali, there are an abundance of options for patios and Happy Hours that we’ve all been hitting up.

But, like every other week, there are tons of other things that we’ve been diggin’ on—and these are just a few of them.


Shawn JenningsDigital Media Manager: “I’m diggin’ Rick Friel’s epic locks, in this Shadow band photo. Circa 1987?”

Erin BednarzCustomer Service Rep: “I’m diggin’ on getting fit! I’m the latest addition to the Seattle Boxing Gym, and I’ve been hitting those Eastlake stairs. After running them, I’m diggin’ on heading over to Blind Pig Bistro & Babirusa (their new spot) for some of the most delicious food you can find in the city.”

Candace White, Purchasing Assistant: “I’m diggin’ my new digs! Moved down to South Park (living with Sarah Ilgenfritz and her hubby for the summer until I move to L.A. It’s a really diverse neighborhood and it’s nice to have a little more culture than Pill Hill. We have a huge deck that gets sun all day long.”

Ian BeckwithProduction: “I’m diggin’ my last week of training!”

Mark EdingtonDriver, Portland: “I’m really diggin’ being on vacation. Went to Dallas to visit some friends from “back home,” and now I’m in the wilderness of Arkansas at my dads. I actually miss work, and my work family in Portland, but it’s nice to take a break and eat some southern cookin’. Yeehaw!”

John Hornall, Head Roaster: “L.A. and then PDX Baby!  That’s what I’m diggin’.”

Gretchen Hackler, Marketing Manager: “I’m diggin’ going to New York this weekend for Governor’s Ball to hang with our accounts and party at the House of Vans. And, of course, VCA in West Seattle for taking good care of my cat, Raylene, as she had 5 teeth extracted.”

Nick DimengoStoryteller: “I’m diggin’ on all these events we’ve got coming up over the summer. Being outside, talking to interesting people and spreading Vita love will be dope. #RealRecognizesReal”

Derek Kavan, Customer Service Manager: “I’ve been diggin’ on talking like Matthew McConaughey from True Detective.”

Sarah IlgenfritzHR Coordinator: “I’m diggin’ on going to see a film this weekend by long-time Vita customer Mark Titus, called The Breach, about the journey of wild salmon and their precarious situation in the ecosystem of the American river system-specifically here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s showing as part of the Seattle International Film Festival.”

Reese Umbaugh, Manager, Capitol Hill: “I’m diggin’ on the Capitol Hill barista staff — the most creative, funny, interesting, people to ever be assembled under one roof.”

Skyler Locatelli, Outside Sales Rep: “I’m diggin’ Caffe Vita now at the Clipper Cafe on Pier 69 of Seattle’s Waterfront and coming soon to the Victoria Clipper boat service!”

Rick FrielGrocery Field Representative: “I’m diggin’ KISS 40. Kiss is my favorite band and their new album will be playing in my truck all summer long. I’ll be seeing them live this month in Ridgefield & Auburn too. Rock and Roll All Nite, and party every day!”

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