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Featured Product of the Week: Bonman Syphon Brew System

| June 12, 2014


Imported from Japan, the Bonman Syphon Brew System machine is both easy to use and will make your kitchen show everyone that you’re serious about your coffee.

Typically able to make three, 4oz cups of coffee, it includes an alcohol burner that boils the water to assure that your coffee is the perfect temperature to sip on.

And while you may not consider yourself a barista just because you have this syphon, when you come join Caffe Vita at one of our Public Brewing School sessions, you’ll be more educated about the entire process of brewing a better coffee at home, making you feel like you’re behind the counter at one of our shops.

So although we’ll miss seeing you in a Vita café every single day, at least can bring a little piece of what our passion is to your home, thanks to the Bonman Syphon Brew System and our free Public Brewing School.

Buy the Bonman Syphon Brew System in our Online Shop.