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10 Things You Need to Know On June 16

| June 16, 2014


Monday’s aren’t always the best day of the week, but for some reason we’re feeling super chippy and energetic today.

Maybe it’s because we’ve now had a few days to recover from our New York City trip last week, where we served coffee backstage and met with some of our favorite, Vita-serving restaurants, or because the World Cup has got us pumped up about the next month.

Regardless of the reason, here are a few things that you should know today to help you get on our level as far as being in the know, so we hope you enjoy.

10. The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals last night, winning the franchise’s fifth title since 1999 and joining the Boston Celtics, L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls as the only teams with at least five championships.

9. Although we prefer you reading our blog to get you going each Monday morning, there was a story released about the 15 things that successful people do to start each week.

We’re not sure if they all work, but we’d like to think that the “staying focused” one has something to do with drinking lots and lots of coffee.

8. A musician lost way too soon, rapper Tupac Shakur would have been 43 years old today.

While his music still impacts hip hop today, it’s also being recognized by Broadway musicals, as the show Holler If Ya Hear Me is performing in dedication to the influential artist.

7. See why one dad wins the award for the coolest, most unique dad on the planet—well, at least when it comes to designing lunch bags for his son each day.

Seriously, these drawings are totally rad.

6. With our friends at the Woodland Park Zoo making sure we’re all safe during camping season, they put on the “Bear Affair” even last weekend to show what is and isn’t recommended when around wild grizzly bears.

And since bears seem to love our coffee as much as everyone else, make sure to see some other tips the zoo provides to avoid any dangers in the woods.

5. Just because everyone loves the show so much, we really hope you are all caught up on Game of Thrones, because last night’s season finale is one that is still being talked about on social media and around the Internet.

4. Just a reminder that Caffe Vita teamed up with Rudy’s Barbershop, the Ace Hotel and the It Gets Better Project to help promote the movement with t-shirts from some of our favorite artists.

Make sure to show your support by getting your shirt online.

3. For all those who love to snap pictures and post them on Instagram—and, yes, we’re guilt as charged—there are some cool sunglasses that help make the world a living Instagram photo.

Providing unique filters that show the world like your edited photo would, these are actually pretty dope.

2. Whenever we get delayed our have a long layover at an airport, it can be difficult to figure out what to do.

Rather than get frustrated and sit around, a traveler by the name of Richard Dunn turned his downtime into quite the adventure last week in the Las Vegas airport.

1. Without giving too much detail, Vita is releasing a new, single origin Colombia El Cedro this week that will add yet another delicious coffee to our menu.

Keep an eye out for it and make sure you don’t be shy in sipping a few cups.