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Featured Product of the Week: Colombia El Cedro

| June 18, 2014


El Cedro is the farm of Senor Faiber Santa Rivera, located in the San Isidro neighborhood of Acevedo in southern Huila.  Adjacent to this area is the Cueva de los Guacharos National Park, source of water for his community and home to a wealth of biodiversity including endangered black oak forests, indigenous birds, monkey, deer, and tapir.  Faiber is the manager of Grupo Asociativo San Isidro, which has been instrumental in establishing this national park.

Faiber has been involved with coffee production in the San Isidro community his entire life, beginning work with his father and brothers and now with his own family and farm, El Cedro.  His dedication to quality was awarded during last year’s Cup of Excellence, where he placed 19th. His principle project in life is to provide education for his three children, improve the quality and production within his farm, and contribute to the community.

This small lot of Faiber’s coffee was harvested during the main crop which spans from October to December.  Ripe cherry is pulped, naturally fermented, and then sun-dried with great skill and attention to detail, yielding an exquisite example of coffee from this community.

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