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Block Party Appetizer: SOL

| July 23, 2014


SOL certainly has come a long way since starting out in the local Seattle rap game back in 2008, hustling his way towards becoming one of the best-known rappers in the city—and, eventually, around the globe.

Solzilla—as his fans like to call him—has released several EPs over the years, with his full-length album, Yours Truly, landing him several hits that would help put him on the map.

While his first LP may have broken doors down, it was later in 2012 that he literally found himself all over the map, as he toured 10 different countries around the world after being awarded a $20,000 Bonderman Travel Fellowship from the University of Washington.

Sol came back to Seattle with a fresh perspective that inspired an EP about his travels called Eyes Open, allowing fans a perspective on his journeys and learning experiences.

Dubbed “the next Macklemore,” by The Seattle Times, fans can check Sol out on the main stage on Saturday, July 26th at 6pm.

Block Party Appetizer: Beat Connection

| July 23, 2014


Combine breezy electro-pop with percussive disco-dance beats and you get the magic that comes from the group Beat Connection.

Comprised of Seattleites Reed Juenger, Tom Eddy and Jarred Katz—along with Mark Turner when performing live—the group broke onto the scene with their 2010 debut EP, Surf Noir, and their latest single, “Hesitation,” has them moving in a new direction, with Juenger admitting that the track is, “about letting go and trying new things.”

Beat Connection, while still making laid back dance grooves, are a little funkier these days, bringing together many different sounds that will appeal to all different fans who share a love for a variety of genres.

The sexy airy vocals of lead singer Tom Eddy carry the listener to a tropical isle party, which will get the entire Block Party audience psyched to be in attendance to experience.

If you’re ready to get your dance on, check out Beat Connection on the main stage, Saturday, July 26th at 7:30pm.

Featured Product of the Week: Porlex Mini Burr Grinder

| July 23, 2014


While it’s always a little bit simpler to use an automatic grinder, there’s something just a little bit more elegant when one does it by hand.

Maybe it’s the special care that goes into it or the feeling of being self-reliant, but whatever it is, hardcore coffee drinkers know that it’s an acquired way to do things.

For those looking to break the instant grinders most kitchens and offices have, the Porlex Mini Burr Grinder is the ideal option, giving users a chance to choose between a number of different grind options—from powder to french press.

Weighing just 25 grams and having a removable handle, the Mini Burr Grinder is easily carried in a glovebox of a car, a computer bag or large purse, making it a great accessory to use during any sort of travel.

With ceramic, conical burrs which will remain rust-free and are simple to clean, the Porlex Mini Burr Grinder will be the new best friend for any coffee drinker no matter where they are in the world.

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