Featured Product of the Week: Zojirushi 12oz and 16oz Travel Mug

| July 9, 2014


While we love having visitors to our cafe’s walk around town with our Caffe Vita cups to show-off how much they love our coffee, it can get a little tricky to try and drive with one of those and still sip your favorite brew.

That’s why we really recommend one of our Zojirushi 12oz or 16oz Travel Mug to always have on you so you don’t need to worry about spilling.

Built with vacuum insulation and a sealed lid, you can tip your head back to get every last drop of coffee without fearing it will end up all over your shirt.

As an added bonus, you’re also helping the environment by cutting down on the usage of paper products, so that’s always something to be happy about, too.

With two stylish options and a slick look accompanied by the Caffe Vita logo on the side of each, the Zojirushi 12oz and 16oz Travel Mugs are a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys to have their coffee in style.

Buy the Zojirushi 12oz and 16oz Travel Mugs in our Online Shop.

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