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Caffe Vita is Restoring Our 45 Roaster

| August 4, 2014


Caffe Vita is always looking for ways to improve efficiency on the coffee that we roast.

That’s why our 45 roaster in our Capitol Hill location is undergoing a major facelift all this week, helping to improve its performance by completely restoring the machine to run at optimum quality.


Built in the 1930s, the Probat roaster was purchased from San Francisco’s Caffe Trieste and, much like a vintage car, is the beneficiary of an overhaul on the faceplate, back bearings and destoner, which cools the coffee after being roasted.

Intended for Vita’s organic and single roasts once the project is complete, check out Caffe Vita’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to watch the restoration project; it’s something we’re really excited about.