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What We’re Diggin’ on August 12th

| August 12, 2014


You’re probably asking yourself why there’s a dog riding a surfboard, right?

While there are plenty of events and partnerships that Caffe Vita works with, one of the ones coming up this weekend is the A Walk on Water surf therapy session, teaching special needs children how to ride the waves.

With a few Vita folks going down to take part, we figured that a surfing dog would help set the mood for this awesome event.

But, as you probably know, that’s not the only thing Vita has going on.

Caffe Vita will also be taking part in things like the Seattle Tattoo Expo, Convergence—a coffee convention which brings together leaders within in the coffee community—and the Beacon Food Forest over the next few days, so if you’re around town, make sure to keep an eye out for us.

With so much happening this week, we figured we would tell you a few of the things that we’re diggin’ on.


Pearl Nelson, Sales: “I’m diggin’ Summit Block Party from this past weekend!”

Chrissy NolanWholesale Rep: “I’m diggin’ this golden summer, Maggie Tweedy on the fiddle, The Quiet Life at the Tractor Tavern tonight in Ballard, Orcas Island four-hour ferry waits with my Vita folks and a Pac Nor to start my day.”

Zackery Woods, Manager, Queen Anne: “I’m diggin’ the release of my new EP today, Kabuzi Death, on my Bandcamp page, as well as the soft rain to kick off the day after yesterday’s scorcher.”

Nick Dimengo, Content Creator: “I’m diggin’ the memories I made with everyone from Doe Bay Fest last weekend. Always great traveling with coworkers who are like mi familia. I’m also all about my trip to L.A. with Shawn Jennings for the AWOW surf event—it’s my first time in La La land and will be my second time getting on a board.”


Rick Friel, Grocery Field Rep: “I’m diggin’ the fact that the Woodland Park Zoo has a penguin named after my first band, Shadow! It was one of the highlights of my life. I got to meet him when I was giving out samples of our PNG YUS last Saturday. The Zoo is a wonderful place and the staff are so happy that Vita is there. I’m also diggin’ this song by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.”

Beth O’Brien, PR Coordinator: “I’m diggin’ Convergence Seattle this Saturday, where leaders in the coffee world get together to celebrate our favorite bean!”

Shawn Jennings, Social Media Manager: “I’m diggin’ on the new Via Tribunali website.”

Gretchen Hackler, Marketing Director: “I’m diggin’ on this weekend’s Seattle Tattoo Expo, mingling with all the artists and fans and dancing all Saturday night long.”

Something you need this week: Mexico Sierra Sur de Oaxaca—It’s our newest single origin that just got released last week. (Buy Here)


The Service Board’s Intern Learns About Vita

| August 12, 2014


We’re always excited to work with The Service Board on a number of different projects, but, this summer, Caffe Vita has the opportunity to steal some of their interns and show them the inside scoop on what happens at Vita.

With interns Muna and John visiting our office once per week over a five-week period, they learned how to brew their own coffee in our Loft, and Muna wanted to share her experience.


My second day at Caffe Vita was more hands on than the first! I was very excited about making my own cup of coffee. We learned about how cappuccinos are made, how latte art is done, and how the ingredient ratio (milk, coffee, syrup) affects the way the drink taste and feels.

With Caffe Vita, I am quickly learning that they are extremely involved in every process and aspect of the coffee experience. Last week I learned about how the coffee was grown, the treatment of the farmers, and how each bean has a different taste. This week I learned more about brewing coffee, and how Caffe Vita is very detailed orientated when it comes to actually preparing the coffee for the customer.

I believe that Caffe Vita is a superior product because of the way the company tries it’s hardest to supply the customer with just what they needs. From the selections of coffees to choose from, the multiple methods the coffee is brewed, and its emphasis on sustainable farming, Caffe Vita is keeping everyone satisfied while still selling affordable good tasting coffee.

Today, I was really surprised by how much I liked the drink I brewed. I don’t believe I have ever had a cappuccino before, let alone an unsweetened one. I liked the way it foamed at the top, and it was nice knowing that I had created it (with help of Elena of course). Knowing the details that go into making a simple cup of coffee has given me more appreciation for the product, and for the craft itself.