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Ben & Jerry’s Is Making A Flavor For Seattle!

| June 6, 2013

So far Caffe Vita is leading Marshmallows in votes!

City Churned is a campaign launched by Ben & Jerry’s to promote flavors that are local to a particular city. In this case, Caffe Vita and Theo Chocolate are the two Seattle flavors that you can vote for, along side traditional favorites like cookie dough and fudge brownies. Dave Stever, Ben & Jerry’s Director of Marketing, says, “Name a city and you feel a pulse that is individual to that hub. There’s a personality to each location that is distinctive unto itself. We’re going to give our fans something we’ve never given them before: a chance to mix up an ice cream as unique as that city’s own flavor.”

The voting ends on September 1st. You can have your say on Ben & Jerry’s site, and we would love it if you voted for Caffe Vita!

More information about City Churned and Ben & Jerry’s Fair-trade Ice Cream.