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Block Party Appetizer: ODESZA

| July 21, 2014


If there’s one thing that listeners can’t help but do when hearing the sounds of ODESZA, it’s bob their heads and move their bodies.

With an amazing mix of looped melodies and vocals, the Seattle duo will no doubt leave fans talking about the banger hits that group members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight produce.

After forming in 2012 just prior to graduating from Western Washington University together, the group earned their diplomas and followed that with an acclaimed debut album, Summer’s Gone, which had fans in the underground electronic music scene buzzing.

ODESZA followed their first full-length album with an EP entitled My Friends Never Die in 2013, and plan on releasing another LP in September of this year called In Return.

Holding down the main stage at Block Party on Friday, July 25 at 7:45pm, ODESZA is a perfect group to get the good vibes and your body grooving to set the tone for the entire weekend.

Block Party Appetizer: The War on Drugs

| July 21, 2014


Blending together multiple sounds, The War on Drugs bring a classic rock feel to their music, taking in the same breaths as legends like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty to compose smooth, indie rock.

Hailing from Philadelphia and forming in 2005, the band is steered by lead singer Adam Granduciel, and is accompanied by David Hartley (bass), Robbie Bennett (keyboards, guitar) and Patrick Berkery (drums), releasing two EPs and three, full-length studio albums in the nine years since.

The group’s 2011 album, Slave Ambient, peaked at No. 4 on the U.S. Heat—a ranking of the top-200 albums—and their most recent record, 2014’s Lost in the Dream, has received similar acclaim, sitting No. 26 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and No. 4 on the U.K. Indie charts, with the song “Red Eyes” becoming an instant hit.

Showcasing the many talents of their group members, The War on Drugs mix various melodies that give their music a unique sound.

Performing on the main stage at Block Party on Sunday, July 27 at 6:30pm, The War on Drugs is a show that every concertgoer should experience to understand the journey of their lyrics and vibrant sounds.

Vita Served Irish Coffee at Tales of the Cocktail Festival

| July 21, 2014


This past weekend, Caffe Vita brought our Farm Direct Guatemalan coffee to the 12th annual Tales of the Cocktail Festival in the Big Easy. Vita’s Head Trainer Ross and Jeff Bell of PDT served an Irish coffee two ways, focusing on the quality of each ingredient. As Jeff said about one of his favorite beverages, “an Irish coffee only has a few ingredients, and usually each one is shitty.” A drink that is such a comfort and mainstay of any late night (or early morning) bar service should be crafted with some integrity, for once.

We focused on giving the attendees of The Diageo House Party two options, each paired with a beautiful Guatemalan coffee that tastes of maple, cocoa and allspice.


For the first cocktail we made an iced coffee with Irish whiskey, Guatemalan cold brew, and fresh unsweetened whipped cream. The second was a classic done well; Irish whiskey, a double filtered brew, and fresh whip.


We spent the majority of Thursday and Friday preparing to make hundreds of cocktails and they disappeared in less than three hours. Ross had a great time meeting and drinking with some of the best bartenders in the world and working alongside his good friend and 2013 U.S Bartender of the year, Jeff Bell.


The Vita Escort – On Cool Coffee Treats to Try This Summer

| July 19, 2014

cold brew

For anyone who has stepped outside recently, it’s impossible to escape the sunny, sometimes miserably hot weather.

And while we all survived the chilly winter and gray spring to get to this point, it can be a little difficult to enjoy a hot cup of coffee each morning when the sun is blistering down.

While we love ourselves some Vita’s Caffe Luna drip to get us started, sometimes going with a colder coffee alternative is a better call—which is why The Vita Escort is giving you the coolest coffee treats to try this summer.


5. Six Strawberries Caffe Vita Latte Pop

We bet you didn’t know that coffee came in a Popsicle form, did you?

Sure, there are coffee-flavored ice creams and such, but when it comes to the quintessential summer snack, there’s nothing quite like a Popsicle.

That’s why Vita is fortunate enough to have Six Strawberries create their Caffe Vita Latte Pop, taking all the goodness one would get in a regular cup of coffee and putting it on a stick for people to try.

And for those looking to score one, Six Strawberries will be outside the Vita Bean Room for a few hours each Saturday throughout the summer, so keep an eye on our Twitter for when they’ll be serving up their pops!

4. Affogato al Caffe

A perfect Italian dessert, Affogato al Caffe brings together two of our favorite things—coffee and gelato.

Mixing a few ups of vanilla gelato with brewed espresso, this might not be something we’d advise one to have every single day during the summer, but, especially around company, it makes for the ideal after dinner indulgence.

Garnish it however you feel and sit back and enjoy an amazing dessert.

3. Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s Caffe Vita Caramel Shake

As we mentioned in The Vita Escort last week, one alternative way of using grounded coffee beans is to make a milkshake.

So, naturally, that’s exactly what our good friends over at Snoqualmie Ice Cream did, creating a delicious, sweet Caffe Vita Caramel Shake to devour during these warmer months.

With ice cream, Vita cold brew and ground espresso, and caramel, this is one treat that is definitely worth trying when the sun is out.

2. Malted Mocha Iced Coffee

If you enjoy chocolate milkshakes and Vita coffee, then a Malted Mocha Iced Coffee may just completely blow your mind.

Taking the deliciousness of a plain milkshake and adding coffee to it, one of these will put a nice little spin on one’s everyday cup of coffee, adding some amazing flavor to it.

There are a variety of different recipes out there for this, so it depends on personal preference of just how much sweet you want to go with your coffee.

One thing’s for sure, though—it will taste incredible.


1. Caffe Vita Cold Brew

While all of these other options are delicious dessert-like options, those looking for a more traditional coffee drink can always go to old reliable—Caffe Vita Cold Brew.

Served over ice, medium blended coffee sits in a cold, filtered brew tank anywhere from 12-24 hours, bringing out specific flavors in coffee beans that make Cold Brew the next best thing to a piping hot cup of coffee.

If you like to drink your coffee from a straw and a plastic cup when the weather is warm, Cold Brew is the way to go.