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Chef Gordon Ramsay at Caffe Vita!

| May 7, 2013


This time it’s personal. Time flies by, so I can’t remember the exact time frame, but I do remember my friend Brian asking me if I wanted to be on Fox’s hit show Kitchen Nightmares as they were set to visit a business in Seattle. I’m addicted to this show, so of course my answer was a solid, “Yes!!!”.

I didn’t make it onto the list of people who would get that opportunity, but remember looking forward to seeing the show that featured a local business trying to find it’s feet again. I didn’t realize at the time that Caffe Vita’s Phinney Ridge location would be the first meeting place of Yanni’s owner Peter Avgoustiou and Chef Gordon Ramsay!

They do a good job of setting up the scene. Before Chef Ramsay enters Caffe Vita he says, “Of course it’s raining, in Seattle”.

The Chef points out one of a few things we are known for in this city. The narrator continues to point out a second, “Before Chef Ramsay heads to the restaurant, owner Peter, has requested some time alone with him…and where else in Seattle, but a coffee shop.”

…and where else in Seattle, but Caffe Vita. :)

Check out Chef Gordon Ramsay on Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares and the full episode of Yanni’s here.