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Coffee Cupping Challenge V

| June 27, 2008

aroma: dark chocolate and hints of berry

body: medium

acidity: moderate

flavor profile: moderately bright with dark chocolate, sun-dried cherry and citrus undertones with subtle hints of cinnamon in the finish

hint: A friendly accord between the US and this coffee’s country of origin has been delayed since a political figure suspected of orchestrating a US soldier’s death was elected president a few years ago.

the answer to the last cupping challenge IIII: Kopi Luwak – the infamous byproduct of what a large civet in indonesia likes to eat – click here and read more….

Kopi Luwak coffee

| June 16, 2008

Vita’s having a cupping tonight of the rare Kopi Luwak, the infamous by-product of the large Indonesian weasel, called a luwak. It likes to eat coffee beans when they’re ripe and juicy. After the beans are digested, they are harvested and roasted. Tonight at 6pm we’re having an invite-only cupping (complete with a Theo Chocolate tasting) at the Capitol Hill roasteria for our customers and friends.

Vita roaster Mason Sager and Bob Prince stopped by the KOMO News Radio studio this morning at 7:15 to cup the coffee, which is from East Java.

coffee cupping challenge week III

| June 9, 2008

this week we cupped one of the rarest coffees in the world. i am going to have to keep the hints obtuse so that it isn’t a complete lay-up.

aroma: bittersweet chocolate and fresh cut herbs


acidity:medium to light.

flavor profile: slight must, herbaceous, caramel finish

hint: the processing of this coffee is by far the most intensive procedure any coffee ever undergoes – when it is ready for roasting it is pristinely washed – almost as if it was scrubbed by tiny hands. the beans are full and plump – and are best if roasted lightly.the process is the clue – it is the most highly evolved scientifically complex washing process on the globe.

last weeks answer: a delightful coffee from columbia.