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New Crop Farm-Direct Guatemala Arrives

| April 12, 2011

Ah, springtime is here, which means the arrival of new crop coffees from Central America and Africa. Last week, we unloaded a container from Ethiopia, including some lovely Yirgacheffe from the Kochere district, and today saw the arrival of our very own farm-direct Guatemalan coffee beans from Finca Nuevo Vinas. (Take a look at the source report and photos from our trip to Guatemala back in February.) The ripe cherries were harvested less than two months ago; this farm-direct coffee is extra fresh.

We are in the process of cupping and developing roast profiles for these coffees, and we’ll let you know when they are ready to brew and pour. Stay tuned!

just back from ethiopia – a few pics.

| March 16, 2008

a quick peek at the hundreds of photos we captured while in ethiopia during our recent sourcing trip – it was an intense amazing trip – much more to come – videos, essays, and of course coffee. the beans we found in sidamo and yirgacheffe will be available this week, here is the link: farm direct coffee

these photos were taken by brian wells the talented proprietor of the tougo coffeehouse in seattle (one of our most dedicated customers) who vita brought along to experience coffee at the source.