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Andy, Ethiopia, and Traceability…

| December 8, 2010

Our lead trainer, Andy Kent, embarked last week on a grueling trip into the heart of East African coffee production. Ethiopia, specifically. Andy is working on a project aimed at increasing levels of traceability for coffee that leaves Ethiopia. We want to be able to bring you coffee that has transparency at all levels in ensuring a fair portion of the price we pay for the green coffee gets back to the actual farmer. Supporting Andy is a great way for us to do this and for Andy to gain valuable knowledge about many different Ethiopian coffees directly at the source. What follows is Andy’s first dispatch from Ethiopia. Stay tuned for further entries…

It has been a slow start getting to Ethiopia. It usually takes a few days, but with a snow storm in Europe causing flights to be delayed, a few days turns into many. Luckily the flights themselves were smooth and now I am here, Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I’ve now been in Addis for a few days. I am here with a good friend, to help him and his team work on a traceability project to help better source coffee and track coffee from the co-op in Ethiopia to you.  More importantly, I am in Ethiopia to learn, listen and taste, and if by chance my taste buds run into something amazing… well, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed.

Umbrellas serve a different purpose in Ethiopia…

For last few days the team and I have been running all over Addis collecting supplies, dealing with bureaucracy,  eating amazing foods (some more desirable and agreeable then others) and being stuck in
meetings… lots of meetings! Luckily the last meeting was the most interesting so far. We had a chance to meet with Tsegaye the President of Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union and Berhanu who is SCFCU’s certifications general manager. In the meeting we were able to receive Tsegaye’s permission and help to visit a few of the largest co-ops Fero and Homecho Waeno in Sidama.

L to R: Tsegaye and Berhanu    

So tomorrow is the day, we will be heading off to the farms to start implementing the traceability program. For me the thought of driving down through the Rift Valley to my first ever experience at a coffee farm excites me beyond belief.

More to come…


Sulawesi Toarco Jaya – Now Available !

| November 8, 2010

Beautiful Tana Toraja

Caffé Vita is pleased to offer a new arrival, grown by the people of Toraja on the island of Sulawesi. This coffee is processed at Toarco Jaya (“Glorious Toraja Arabica Coffee”) using the fully washed, dry hulled method – a style more common in Central America than Indonesia. As a result, this cup offers a cleaner, lighter bodied Indonesian profile, but still with great depth of character and a remarkable balance of ripe fruit sweetness and savory acidity. Aromas of coriander, juniper, and apricot compliment the floral honey and dark chocolate flavors with a finish of warm clove spice.

Available for a limited time. Visit our café locations to purchase, or click here to order online

Caffé Vita Celebrates and Supports Blue Hour in PDX…

| September 15, 2010

The weekend we accepted a gracious invitation from Blue Hour’s Bruce Carey to attend a stellar celebration for Blue Hour’s 10th anniversary. The party was actually a benefit to raise money for Mercy Corps and included copious amounts of delicious food and drink (and homemade ice cream), and a performance by Storm Large.

We brought in our mobile espresso cart to provide guests and staff with some much needed fuel to bring the party well into the night. Via Tribunali also provided their rolling pizza oven and was slinging fresh pies as fast as we were slinging fresh espresso. All in all, it was a great time and Bruce estimates something in the neighborhood of $18,000 was raised for Mercy Corps. Happy 10th Blue Hour, and thank you!

Brandy: Not just for Wisconsin anymore…

| August 31, 2010

You might not know this, but Packer Nation not only consumes per capita unhealthy amounts of beer, cheese, brats, and Farve drama; but also the Don Draper of forgotten liquors…brandy. When you order a Manhattan in Wisconsin, you’re probably gonna get it back made with brandy. The state consumes more brandy per capita than any other in our fine fifty.

San Francisoans can now enjoy the fine spirit along with some fine Caffé Vita coffee while lounging along the Embarcadero at Lafitte. From the daily email, a column about eats and drinks in outdoor settings:

Make your way over to the only resto on Pier 5 named after a smuggler/privateer/pirate for The Baptiste cocktail: a flaming drink served hot in a coffee mug that’s made up of brandy, orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, sugar, and Caffé Vita coffee–suggesting the best part of waking up is…not Folger’s.