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Sumatra Gayo River – New Crop Arrival

| January 26, 2012

As always, the arrival of new crop Farm Direct Sumatra Gayo River is a cause for celebration, particularly when we take into consideration the challenges facing our farmers and producing partners in Aceh, Indonesia. The damaging weather patterns continue to hamper production, to the tune of a nearly thirty-percent drop over the past two seasons. The primary cause for this decline has been higher-than-average rainfall during the critical blossoming and ripening stages of development.

A period of dry weather is necessary to stimulate a timely and consistent flowering, and the extended rains have led to a scattered harvest with low yields. As a result, prices are higher than ever, but this coffee is worth it! We have transitioned into this new crop and it is one of the best yet, featuring everything we love about the Gayo profile — syrupy body, blackberry sweetness, and herbal complexity.

Pick up a fresh bag of these rich, organic beans at any Caffe Vita cafe or online.

Vita’s roasting some new beans

| July 1, 2010
Ethiopia YirgacheffeWe are pleased to offer this exceptional organic coffee, from the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, located in Gedeo. This coffee is grown at an average elevation of 2,300 meters, and exhibits all of the characteristics we love about Yirgacheffe coffees. Aromas of rose petal and tangerine. Moderate acidity, medium to light body, with a lingering honey plum like sweetness.


Guatemala Mundo NovoA new organic arrival from our farm direct partners at Finca Nuevo Vinas, Mundo Novo is a naturally occuring hybrid between Typica and Bourbon. This varietal matures slower than most, yeilding a dense, complex cup. Aromas of meyer lemon, brown sugar, cocoa, and fava. Crisp acidity and spice, medium body, with a long finish of molasses and sweet cream butter.

Available exclusively at any of our six retail locations . . . capitol hill, queen anne, fremont, seward park, pioneer square, and olympia.

just back from ethiopia – a few pics.

| March 16, 2008

a quick peek at the hundreds of photos we captured while in ethiopia during our recent sourcing trip – it was an intense amazing trip – much more to come – videos, essays, and of course coffee. the beans we found in sidamo and yirgacheffe will be available this week, here is the link: farm direct coffee

these photos were taken by brian wells the talented proprietor of the tougo coffeehouse in seattle (one of our most dedicated customers) who vita brought along to experience coffee at the source.