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Rain City Spirits x Caffe Vita

| March 12, 2014

Caffeination Cascadia: Your Favorite Distiller’s Favorite Coffee

Northwest spirits producers often work closely with coffee roasters to produce coffee liqueurs or match liquors to coffee for exceptional cocktails. They also frequently enjoy a hot, strong cup on their own time. Here are a few of your favorite Northwest distillers on their favorite Northwest cafés and coffees.

Rain City owner and distiller Duffy says, “One thing I really appreciate about Caffe Vita is their commitment to not only excellence but to artisan roasting.”



| September 27, 2013

Omnivorous is an annual party that showcases the best restaurants, dessert makers, distillers and drink purveyors of Capitol Hill, showcasing their creations, all while raising vital funds for Capitol Hill Housing.

Capitol Hill Housing builds vibrant and engaged communities. They provide affordable homes to more than 1,800 of our neighbors across the city in our 44 buildings, which include historic apartments as well as award-winning new developments. In addition to affordable housing, they are active in the development of sustainable communities.

Caffe Vita teamed up with Rain City Spirits to serve our coffee and our collaboration, Drip Coffee Liquor.  This unique coffee liqueur redefines what you know as  coffee liqueur.  Think iced Americano with a kick!

We would like to thank Capitol Hill Housing for bringing the community together.  Be a part of the solution, and make your donation today!

Rain City has Spirit!

| May 8, 2013


Caffe Vita has teamed up with Rain City Spirits, and for good reason.

Rain City Spirits believes in challenging the status quo. They believe it is time for spirits to get back to their roots. They do this by throwing out the traditional “rules” of Vodka production, and focusing strictly on quality and keeping to a sense of place. Each step in the creation of Rain City Spirits Vodka is carefully thought out, from the finest local grain selection, using the best spring water available, to the meticulous and time consuming production methods. Check out their website and be sure to follow them on Facebook!