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2014 SCAA Conference and Caffe Vita Afterparty

| May 1, 2014


If  you happened to miss the this year’s Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) event in Seattle from April 24-27, you missed out on one of the baddest weekends for coffeeheads.

Naturally, we got our asses down there.

Bringing some of our local charm to the Convention Center downtown, we built a Caffe Vita booth for visitors to sip their favorite brew and chat with some of our baristas.

Not only did we meet some interesting people, but we invited them all to a blowout party at our bean room Saturday night to see what we’re all about at Vita. If you couldn’t make it, here are a few pics to help you vicariously live through those who did.

Special thanks to Batch 206, Georgetown Brewery and Via Tribunali for filling stomachs with booze and food at the party, bands The Young Evils, The Cave Singers, Pearl Dragon, Tilson XOXO and Iska Dhaaf  for rocking the stage all night and everyone who donated more than $5,000 for The Service Board with generous tips.


 One of our baristas serves up coffee.


 Almost the finished product.


Our DJ gets partygoers ready.


Vita’s own Pearl Dragon showed his MC skills.


 Via Tribunali chefs served up personalized pizzas.


There was no shortage of booze at our afterparty.


Guests fill the dance floor for the night.


Tilson XOXO rocks the mic early in the night.


 The Young Evils serenade the crowd with their tunes.


 Cave Singers made sure they brought the jams.


Iska Dhaaf belted out their music to get the crowd going.


Copping that front row spot next to the stage.

Images by Andy Bokanev

Public Brewing School March 15th

| March 4, 2014

Join us March 15th, 2014 from 10am to 12pm for our FREE Public Brewing School at our Capitol Hill Cafe!  Reserve your space by emailing

Interested to know more, read about Examiner Writer, Mary Garrison’s experience in her article “Learn the Art of Brewing Coffee at Caffe Vita”


New Specialty Coffee from Colombia!

| May 28, 2013


Columbia Villa Maria

Most coffee farms in Colombia are relatively small, on average 1-2 hectares yielding 20 sacks of green coffee.  Consequently, Colombian coffee is usually exported as a blend of many small farms, either representing a cooperative or region. This past harvest we had the privilege of cupping many individual farmer lots and chose to focus on one of our favorite growing regions, Southern Huila.  This coffee, from the farm of Jesus Antonio Santamaria stood out on the cupping table with a distinct sweetness and mouth-feel.  It will only be available for a limited time and is not to be missed!

Jesus Antonio’s farm, Villa Maria, sits at 1500 meters in the community of Acevedo.  Coffee is harvested and processed with strict attention to detail and commitment to quality.  This microlot was harvested during the second semester, which spans from September to December.  After harvest, the coffee is pulped, fermented overnight, and then dried on covered patios.

Jesus Antonio is a member of the San Isidro cooperative, based in the town of Pitalito.  This cooperative has received recognition for the incredible quality of coffee that its members produce and for its commitment to the environment.  This region is teeming with wildlife, including species of birds found nowhere else in the world. In order to protect this biodiversity, the cooperative has purchased land for preservation.

Visit our information page for more details about Columbia Villa Maria or buy now!