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New Arrival: Tanzania Mshikamano

| May 27, 2011
Checking the fermentation.

Mshikamano is a farming collective in Bara Village, located in the mountainous Mbozi district near Tanzania’s border with Zambia. The term mshikamano is a Swahili word meaning “unity” or “cohesion.” The group was founded with the goal of uniting farmers in the community for the purposes of sharing resources, such as powered processing center. Improved processing and a reputation for quality has allowed these farmers to fetch a higher price for their coffee and establish a more direct link with the market.

The members of the Mshikamano community are responsible for selectively hand-picking cherries and delivering them to the washing station. The coffee is pulped and then fermented in tanks such as the one pictured above. Fermentation is followed by sun-drying on African raised beds. The dried parchment is then milled and prepared for export at the Mbozi Coffee Curing Company.

The cup is sweet and juicy with aromas of plum, nectarine, and cocoa. Tangerine acidity and a honeyed body harmonize while flavors of peach and vanilla lead to a buttery maple syrup finish.

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