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World Premiere Video: Tilson XOXO

| May 25, 2013

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Check out his video in this write up by CityArts!

Tilson.  He’s probably on his way to the Sasquatch Festival as we speak, if he’s not there already.  The truth is, I haven’t known Tilson for very long.  I was just recently introduced.  None of that matters.  I’ve known this guy my whole life, but not from a sense of familiarity.  It’s something different.  There is something up with this guy, and I love it already.

In retrospect, the first time I saw Tilson was not the first time I met him.  He was wandering around the offices here at Caffe Vita.  I was working on something, not really paying attention.  In the periphery, this guy had all the girls in the office laughing and engaged in what I’m sure was interesting conversation, but I was in the zone (for once) and kept typing.  A few minutes after he left, I came up for air and realized it was really quiet.  Too quiet.  I looked at one of the girls, my face all a mess and asked, “Who the hell was that?” to which she simply responded, “Oh, that’s Tilson.”  She went back to what she was doing.  White noise.  A long, droned out semi-silence as if that was all the information I or anyone would ever need.  “Ok.. right on, cool”, combed my hair behind my ears all nerdy like and forgot about it.

A couple weeks later I got a text asking me to post about a record release.  Tilson’s record release.  Problem was, I couldn’t find much on the guy, except some videos of him in the band The Saturday Knights and a couple facebook pics at The Wandering Goose.  Oh, and a picture him standing in front of a box of ginger beer?

I learned that not only was he an artist and musician, Tilson was also newly in charge of boosting the presence of Caffe Vita Records AND (surprise!) makes his own Ginger Ale that we will soon be featuring in our cafes.

We officially met, and instantly, I liked the guy.  A lot.  Being around Tilson, you are guaranteed to be all smiles and laughter.  Reality is, the guy’s a charmer.  However, what I love the most about Tilson isn’t his charm, rather his complex, richness and depth in character.  He has youth energy, but those eyes both drop and scan the grid for miles.  It’s a balancing act any artist could ever hope for.  Any person, for that matter.

It reminds me of the first time I heard the band name “Joy Wants Eternity”.  I said it aloud.  I loved the sonic quality, the way the words sounded together.  The way it rolled off the tongue.  It sounded powerful, happy, beautiful.  Later that year, I saw the words written down on a poster.  I looked at the words, silently.  Another thing, entirely.


Tilson in The Saturday Knights