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Recovery Cafe!

| July 22, 2013











Gretchen, pictured above with a volunteer barista (left) and the Director of Resource Development for the Recovery Cafe (right), representing Caffe Vita at a small awards ceremony.  Caffe Vita is honored to be a part of this organization, providing them with some of the assets they need in order to function as a free service to the community.  As a non-profit, they could always use more support.  Below is a description of the Cafe and how people of the community are benefiting from it’s efforts!

Recovery Café Offers a Loving, Healing Community!!!

They are open Tuesday through Saturday, 12:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m.

They offer many different events and activities to support you in your recovery, including early morning and weekend 12-Step meetings. They have Member Introductions three times a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, promptly at 1:00PM and Thursdays promptly at 4:00PM. Visit their resources page to see 12-Step schedules for the whole area.

Recovery Café invites men and women who want to be part of a supportive recovery community to become members of the Cafe. To be a member, you need to be drug and alcohol free for 24-hours and attend a Recovery Circle.

Here are the steps to join:

  • Stop by for your first visit: Tuesdays–Saturdays, 12–5:00 p.m.
  • Attend an introductory orientation: Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, 1 p.m.

Once you’ve been assigned to and attend a Recovery Circle, you’re welcome to participate in all the Cafe and School for Recovery activities.

They serve dinner nightly at 5:15 p.m., for people who are part of 12-Step meetings or Recovery Circles.

Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can take the following steps:

•    Stop by for your first visit: Tuesdays–Saturdays, 12–5 p.m.
•    Attend an introductory orientation: Tuesdays and Saturday at 1 p.m. and Thursdays at 4pm.
•    Attend a weekly Recovery Circle (small accountability group)

Once you’ve been assigned to and attend a Recovery Circle, you’re welcome to participate in all the Cafe and School for Recovery activities.


Volunteers are an important part of the Recovery Cafe community. Please email or visit
ourVolunteer Page for more information about ways to participate. Volunteers are also welcome to
participate in Café sponsored classes, events and activities for their own growth and healing.
Caffe Vita volunteers trainers to guide future baristas on brewing methods!


Ninety percent of Recovery Café members report that a supportive community helps them
maintain sobriety. Donate online or attend their annual event, Standing in the Gap!


We’re with the Band!

| July 18, 2013

Tomorrow night, July 19th, Caffe Vita’s very own barista, Stephen Nielsen, is playing a show at a very popular music venue down the street from our NYC (Lower East Side) cafe, called Pianos.  His stage name is Nielsen, and he will be playing the 9pm slot!  He previously lived (and played music) in Seattle and worked at Fiore.  This will be his first show in NYC, and the Vita crew are all planning to attend his show to support him.  You should come, too!

His Digital Album, Mystic City

His Digital Album, Four New Riddles 

Cocktails For A Cause!

| July 17, 2013
Cocktails for a Cause!
If you are in LA, we hope you can all make it out this Thursday night to Schooner at Sunset for their big AWOW fundraiser, Cocktails for a Cause!!!  $10 gets you Complimentary drinks from 7-9pm, provided by Fat Tire and Sino Tequila!  Proceeds benefit A Walk On Water, so come out and drink for a good cause!  Check out their Facebook page for further details!!!

On the Truck, Off the Rez.

| July 2, 2013

I love food trucks, especially if they provide street eats that are less common than the standard fare.  The first time I heard about Off the Rez I was eves dropping.  Someone mentioned it was parked next door to Big Mario’s New York Style Pizza, and how delicious the food was.  I immediately made my way to that location.  To my delight, there it was, off the rez!

Off the Rez!

I decided to go for it, and found not only did they provide me with mouth watering, tasty nibbles like Banana Nutella Sweet Frybread, but the guys running the cart were good spirited, fun loving individuals that made me feel welcome and appreciated before I even had a chance to order!

Off the Rez!

Off the Rez is a food truck that provides Native American inspired cuisine including Indian tacos & fry bread, a much needed addition to the scene, and is owned by Mark McConnell and Cecilia Rikard.  Mark grew up eating frybread and Indian tacos at family gatherings and powwows.  Mark’s mother spent most of her childhood growing up on the rez in Browning, Montana and lovingly taught Mark all about Native food and culture.

Off the Rez!

Mark’s inspiration for opening Off the Rez stemmed from his attempt to find Native American cuisine in Seattle.  He couldn’t find anything, so Mark quickly partnered up with Chef Donovan MacInnis (who has been cooking his way through Seattle kitchens and catering since earning his Culinary Arts degree in 2005) and began the process of opening up shop.

McConnell says he originally tried to open a restaurant, and decided instead to pursue a mobile operation.  He purchased the truck and implored a friend who builds custom motorcycles to help fix it up.  If you would like to know where you can find their truck, check out Off the Rez’s Facebook page, and be sure to follow them on Twitter!