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Edith Macefield Festival

| October 1, 2013


This Saturday, Caffé Vita is proud to sponsor the first annual Macefield Music Festival in Ballard. Named after the subject of the first chapter from Caffe Vita’s documentary series “Steadfast“, the festival is inspired by the powerful, individualistic spirit of Edith Macefield, the woman who achieved worldwide notoriety when she refused to sell her home in the Ballard neighborhood to commercial developers for one million dollars.


Curated by Kwab Copeland, in collaboration with Michael Stephens, Drew Church, and Hannah Levin (all of whom have tattoos of the Macefield home), the festival features an eclectic variety of music. From the primal punk and tribalistic drums of Constant Lovers, to the spacious synths and lush beats of Kid Smpl, the artist line-up is a sonically inspired mix that pays tribute to the festival’s namesake and her independent essence.


Caffé Vita will be on-hand at the Macefield Music Festival to keep you caffeinated with French Press and Cold Brew in front of the Tractor Tavern and Hazelwood.


More info on the Macefield Music Festival at http://www.macefieldmusicfestival.com.

-Reese Umbaugh