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What We’re Diggin’ on July 29th

| July 29, 2014


After a weekend full of memories from Capitol Hill Block Party, who’s ready for some coffee to help them recover?

We can say that we definitely all are.

Packed with running around to catch shows, meet and greet the bands who played private performances in our Bean Room and trying to still have as much fun as possible, we’re ready for a long nap.

Fortunately—or unfortunately if you like to sleep—there are still plenty of things that are going on with us, which is why we’re sharing a few of the things that we’re diggin’ on.


Bob PrinceBrand Champion/Sales Leader: “I’m diggin’ outdoor eating and drinking! Ray’s back porch on Shilshole Bay, Bar Del Corso’s hidden patio in Beacon Hill. People watching at Tulio on 5th Ave. Going to Hitchcock Deli #2 in Georgetown, Rione XIII on Capitol Hill, Mistral Kitchen on Westlake and Le Pichet in Pike Place.”

Beth O’Brien, PR Coordinator: “I’ve been digging this beautiful weather and can’t wait to go hike Rattlesnake Ledge this weekend!”

Ross Beamish, Head Trainer: “I’m diggin’ on bringing Farm Direct coffees to my hometown Farmers Market! The Elma Farmer’s Market will carry Caffe Vita coffees starting next week. Elma has needed a place to shop for local goods and produce for years now, and Scott and Ryan Phillipi have answered the call.”

Hyp Poster 2

Skyler Locatelli, Sales Rep: “I’m diggin’ the lineup announcement for the second annual Hypnotikon: Seattle Psych Fest, that I co-founded/curated, happening November 14th and 15th at the Triple Door.”

Sarah Ilgenfritz, HR Coordinator: “I’m totally diggin’ this killer weather and figuring out where to snag a Six Strawberries popsicle to cool off. Follow them on Facebook to see where to grab a Caffe Vita popsicle from their mobile cart! Yum!”

Nick Dimengo, Storyteller: “I’m diggin’ on festival season. We’ve got a ton of events coming up that have me stoked to go to for Vita. Nothing like kickin’ it with some great folks.”

Something you need this week: Pulcinella Snapback—There’s nothing better to help shelter you from the sun than a hat, and this is a perfect option. (Buy Here)


What We’re Diggin’ on July 8th

| July 8, 2014


We hope everyone had a great time enjoying the Fourth of July and, for all those in Seattle, are adjusting nicely to this summer heat wave.

With temperatures expected to be in the high-80s over the next week or so, you can bet that us here at Caffe Vita are really looking forward to doing our fair share of fun things outside—like getting a few Happy Hours at Via Tribunali.

And, like every week, we’re giving you a few other things that we’re diggin’, so hopefully you can be inspired by a few of them.


Rick Friel, Grocery Field Representative: “I’m diggin’ this handmade Vita bag that my friend Martha made for me. It was a nice surprise to get in the mail. I’m going to put it to use immediately. Pearl wants one now. I love it!”

Dana Ericsson, Customer Service: “I’m diggin’ on spiked rosemary lemonade and pasta salad at the park, with a mean game of wiffle ball.”

Nick Dimengo, Content Creator: “I’m diggin’ the very real possibility of LeBron James coming back to Cleveland to play for my Cavs. And, of course, all the fun events we’ve got planned over the next month or so.”

Mark Edington, Driver, Portland: “I’m diggin’ on my new neighborhood, Montavilla, and spots like Redwood, Vintage Cocktail Lounge and the Academy Theater. Also, I am really into the Congo Tsheya in the chemex at home. “

Nick Wilton, Sales: “I’m diggin’ Die Manschaft’s complete destruction of Brasil. Hoping this is the year for that fourth star!”

Erin Bednarz, Customer Service: “I’m diggin’ on these Snap Pea Crisps that Customer Service just can’t stop snacking on, and, I personally, have made DIY crop tops and rolled-up shorts my go-to uniform for this heat wave! Also, the new White Lung album is making my day and haunting my dreams.”


Max McLoughlin, Graphic Designer: “I’m diggin’ on all the art from Essy May.”

Chrissy Nolan, Wholesale Representative: ”I’m diggin’ vegan coconut and mint chocolate chip ice cream cones from Bluebird Ice Cream on Pike. Is there anything more delightful than walking through Volunteer Park with a tasty snack in the sun?”

Reese Umbaugh, Manager, Capitol Hill: “As a serious K-pop enthusiast (I curate a quarterly J/K-pop dance party at Capitol Hill club Barboza), I’m diggin’ on the new music video from South Korean girl group f(x)! Check it out here.”

Beth O’Brien, PR Coordinator: “I’m diggin’ the engineers who discovered how to make good espresso in space.”

Bob Prince, Brand Champion/Sales Leader: “I’m diggin’ eating the very first sandwich on opening day at Hitchcock Deli No. 2 in Georgetown. Thanks Brendan for the piled high, house smoked pastrami, swiss and house made kraut.”