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8 Things We Saw on Day Two of CHBP

| August 1, 2014


As I mentioned in my piece yesterday that spoke about my experience on Day One of this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party, I’m a pretty lucky dude.

Getting the chance to travel around and spread the Caffe Vita love byway of music festivals can be a tough job, but someone has to do it.

With everyone in attendance battling the scorching heat on Day Two, here are eight things that I saw while walking around and enjoying some of the tunes.


8. The Vita Family

In case you weren’t aware, us here in the Vita family are fortunate to work with some incredible people.

With three different areas serving coffee and cold brew all weekend, and a private area for us to bond during the headliners at Via Tribunali, it wasn’t uncommon to see friends old and new taking pictures and enjoying each other’s company while rocking their Vita gear all weekend.


7. Katie Kate

At first glance, one might assume that singer Katie Kate and her band will be some sort of soulful group, bringing vocals similar to someone like Katy Perry or even Adelle.

But then she belts her lyrics out and you realize that this girl is rapping, straight flowing as if she has got something important to say.

Playing on the Vera Stage, Katie Kate blends pop and rap together to make music that everyone will not only like, but be blown away by.


6. Hollis

She may not have been performing, but the musician Hollis was still coming to support good music—and Pearl was lucky enough to meet her.

Known for her lyrics on the song “White Walls” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Hollis was seen in our Bean Room catching a few of the private performances, while also walking around to other stages to see some of the artists.


5. Kris Orlowski

Being from Nashville and, at one point, working for CMT, I’ve met some great people in the music industry—both as performers and people.

And after watching and then meeting Kris Orlowski following his private show in Vita’s Bean Room, I can say that he’s towards the top of the list.

Not only did he and his band get fans grooving thanks to his folk-like sounds, but then his genuineness when I met him afterwards proved that he’s the real deal.

For those who enjoy the sounds of Mumford & Sons with an indie twist, check this guy out.


4. Beat Connection

Not only did the talented group called Beat Connection take the Main Stage to perform and get the crowd going, but we were lucky enough to have group member, Reed Juenger, hang with us in the Vita Loft prior to his set.

Wearing a NEON ZINN necklace that was made by Seth Damm, Reed kicked it with us and let us snap a few pics of him before flipping a switch and going into performer’s mode onstage.


3. SOL

Not only did I get the opportunity to see Seattle-based rapper SOL at Sasquatch a few months ago, but after writing a preview and watch his private performance in the Vita Loft as part of our Loft Sessions Series, I was anxious to see him again.

He lived up to the billing, too.

With the audience in a frenzy and singing and moving along, SOL brought the energy up to a whole new level on the Main Stage.

He has been mentioned as the next Macklemore because of his talent and Seattle roots, so you’ll want to jump on the train early and check him out!


2. Viv’s Iced Stand

Thanks to an idea by an influential seven-year old girl, Caffe Vita and Six Strawberries came together to give her support by donating cold brew and ice-pops.

Raising over $700 her first day, Viv’s idea and everyone’s kindness led to a donation of more than $1900 to Virginia Buck, a young girl trying reach her dream of going to Disneyland as she battles Juvenile Huntington’s Disease.


1. Chromeo

If there’s one-way concertgoers want to be sent home for the night, worn out from dancing and singing is the way to do it.

That’s exactly what electro-funk, group Chromeo did by headlining the Main Stage on Saturday night, with everyone shaking it anywhere they could—including us Vita people, who were asked a number of times to clear the sidewalk outside Via Tribunali to allow walkers to pass by.

Pick Up Caffe Vita and Six Strawberries For a Cause at CHBP

| July 25, 2014


For those at Capitol Hill Block Party this Saturday, be sure to stop by Six Strawberries popsicle stand at 1111 East Pike St. from 1-3pm to get ice pops and Caffe Vita cold brew for a cause! Hosted by a local seven-year old, all proceeds benefit Virginia Buck’s dream of going to Disneyland.

coffee for a cure

At age two, Virginia was diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington’s Disease (HD), which is a hereditary, degenerative neurological disorder that has been called the most devastating disease known to man. For children who have the juvenile form of HD, the decline is severely accelerated. Despite the pain and uncertainty of her illness, Virginia continues to fight with courage, smile every day and remains to be an inspiration to everyone.


Six Strawberries was enthusiastic at the chance to support Virginia by donating artisan ice pops this Saturday. The ambitious seven-year old girl hosting the stand has a goal to raise $7,000, while Caffe Vita will match funds raised up to $1,000.

To learn more about Virginia Buck’s Magical Disney Trip and how to donate, please visit giveforward.com.


What We’re Diggin’ on May 13th

| May 13, 2014


In case you haven’t noticed, we have quite the cast of misfits working here at Caffe Vita.

And because we’re a mixed blend of personalities with a lot of hip, we figured it’d be good to share what in the hell is going on with us.

That’s why, each Tuesday, we’re letting you into the secret and true life of Vita, talking about some of the things that we’re diggin’ each week—so hopefully we can intro you to some new shit.

Erin Benarz, Customer Service Rep: “I’m diggin’ that my band—Hearts Are Thugs—is opening for New Young Pony Club this Sunday, May 18 at El Corazon at 9p—should be pretty dope.”

Shawn Jennings, Digital Media Manager: “I’m diggin’ Michael Jackson’s new album, Xscape. I’ll be listening to it all day today.”

Tiffany Chen, Marketing Intern: “I’m diggin’ listening to Little Dragon’s new album, Nabuma Rubberband, while eating Molly Moon’s and wearing jumpsuits while I’m at it.

Allison Hardy, Manager, Phinney Ridge: “I’m diggin’ Macaulay Culkin…he’s hilarious.”

Rick Friel, Grocery Field Rep: “I’m diggin’ on fundraising. I helped raise over $38,000 for Oso relief in the last week alone. #OsoStrong”

Liz McConnell, Owner: “I’m diggin’ DJ Sean Thompson on KRUI 89.7FM talking about the realities of Huntington’s Disease, and a documentary on the same topic tonight, May 13, at 5p.

Zackery Woods, Manager, Queen Anne: “I’m diggin’ the release of my new single today, ‘Millionaire’s Playground,’ on my bandcamp site.”

Sarah Ilgenfritz, Human Resources Coordinator: I’m diggin’ a fatty, chocolate brownie from NuFlours—who’s opening a bakery/cafe on 15th in Capitol Hill in a few months.”

Derek Kavan, Customer Service Manager: “I’m diggin’ the Seattle Boxing Gym—’Nuff said.”

Nick Dimengo, Storyteller: “I’m diggin’ the fact that some dude mean mugged me for wearing a Boston Red Sox hat this morning because he had a New York Yankees cap on. Bro had me by a good six inches, but I think I held my ground in the stare down.”

Chrissy Nolan, Sales Rep: “I’m diggin’ denim on denim, bright lipstick, cold brew on tap and all things kale from where I’m standin’!”

Erik Walters, Manager, Pioneer Square: “I’m diggin’ the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival in downtown Everett this weekend. Tons of great bands playing, and I’ll be performing with my group, Silver Torches, on Saturday.”

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