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What We’re Diggin’ on September 2nd

| September 2, 2014


After a three-day weekend and short work week coming up, what could possibly be going on that we’re all excited about?

Well, for one, the weather is starting to cool down, meaning we can all get snug with some pants and a sweatshirt.

Second, the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks kick-off the NFL season in just a couple of days, no doubt leaving all the 12th Fans anxious for the team’s title defense.

Finally, we’ve continued to see a great turnout to our new, pop-up shop in Bellevue at the Rudy’s Barbershop, where we’ll be serving free coffee until this Friday, September 5th from 9am-4pm.

But what else are we looking forward to and diggin’ on? Keep reading to find out.


Rick Friel, Grocery Store Representative: “I’m diggin’ that fall is in the air and gently showing its face, hiding behind old pal summer. I’m also diggin’ the new artwork in the Capitol Hill café by Ashley Nicholas. The skeleton couple—I love it!”

Nick Dimengo, Content Creator: “I’m diggin’ on my trip to Boston in a few days for a wedding. Sure, it’s an ex-girlfriend who I stupidly let get away, but I couldn’t be more excited to be part of her big day.”

Beth O’Brien, PR Coordinator: “I’m diggin’ Husky football every Saturday this Fall and can’t wait to watch the game this weekend. GO DAWGS!”

Seny Knyazev, Roaster, NYC: “I’m diggin’ on this freak, end-of-summer heat wave in New York City.”

Dana Ericsson, Customer Service: “I’m diggin’ having my brother in town for a gluttonous weekend of eating at Westward, Stoneburner, Barrio, Staple and Fancy and a few others. I will now fast the rest of the week for the sake of health and low funds. And by fast, I mean lower my bacon intake by half.”

Bob Prince, Sales Leader/Brand Champion: “I’m diggin’ that we are pulling Caffe Vita coffee at Grand Central Bakery in Pioneer Square tomorrow and Thursday as part of the NFL Village that kicks off the game between the Seahawks and Packers. I’m also diggin’ that, starting next week, when staying at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco—a Kimpton property—you’ll be drinking Vita.”

Gina Rivisto, Retail Operations Manager: “I know this is random, but I’m diggin’ on this cat diary video that I just recently discovered.”

Mark Edington, Driver, Portland: “I’m diggin’ the cooler temperatures, I love fall! I also just discovered Class Actress and it’s heavy play in the Vita Van, and I’m currently all about the Mexico Oaxaca at Goldrush Coffee Bar.”

Charlie Holloway, Sales Manager, Portland: “I’m diggin’ an Iced Americano made with Vita’s Organic Espresso and a kale/lime juice at the Grind Coffee. It’s a perfect combination to keep me focused after a long weekend. I’m also diggin’ homegrown Brandywine tomatoes and a little cooler weather in the future.”

Ian Beckwith, Production: “Like Rick, I’m diggin’ the new art by Ashley Nicholas that’s hanging in the Capitol Hill café. If you haven’t already checked it out yet, you should.”

Chrissy Nolan, Wholesale Rep: “I’m diggin’ socks, because its grey and rainy and all my socks and sweaters have been crying out for attention from the jail cell of my dresser. Fall in the Northwest is the best! I’m also digging on nesting, making brunch at home with the new Oaxaca in my French press and making bad art to stave away the fall blues.”

Something you need this week: 12,000 Rain Gardens Blend—because proceeds help support efforts to build rain gardens in the Puget Sound area. (Buy Here)


What We’re Diggin’ on August 19th

| August 19, 2014


It’s the time of year when kids start thinking about going back to school and the weather starts to get a little bit cooler.

A comfortable t-shirt, some jeans and a warm cup of coffee for the morning, and a sweatshirt to cover up once the sun goes down, the steamy days we enjoyed these past few months are hopefully behind us.

And while we’re still itching for a few more beach days, there are plenty of other things that are keeping us busy besides just sweating it out in the sun—and these are just a few of them in this week’s What We’re Diggin’.


Nick Dimengo, Content Creator: “I’m diggin’ on my first time in L.A. with Shawn Jennings last week. What an incredible place, where ambitious people flood the streets like Sour Patch Kids do my kitchen cabinet. Had an amazing time meeting the Vita team down there, seeing the smiles on everyone’s face at A Walk on Water’s event and sprinting to catch our flight back to Seattle.”

Erin Bednarz, Customer Service: “I’m diggin’ my visit to one of our wholesale customers, Restaurant Zoe, for their awesome end-of-summer atmosphere and killer salmon tar tare! I’m also really excited to head down to Portland with my mom this weekend and say what’s up to our Alberta and Third Avenue crew.”

Pearl Nelson, Sales: “I’m diggin’ on Witness bar on Broadway in Capitol Hill!”

Sarah Lane, Marketing Intern: “I’m diggin’ that I’m all done with my summer quarter! And I’m pumped to go to the Seahawks preseason game this Friday!”


Rick Friel, Grocery Field Rep: “I’m diggin’ our continued partnership with the good people at Beacon Food Forest. They’re really making a big difference in this world, and I’m so happy that I can represent Caffe’ Vita each time I bring them a few boxes of our organic coffee. Believe me, they appreciate it. I’m also diggin’ on training our new delivery driver, Joe Kirk. He’s a real nice guy and I think he’ll make a great addition to the Vita family. It’s nice passing down what I’ve learned.”

Alicia BasingerManager, Fremont: “I’m diggin’ iced lattes, polydactyl kittens, Pilates and making pottery this week.”

Ross Beamish, Head Trainer: “I’m diggin’ on working with the staff at The Goodland Hotel in Goleta this week. I’m also happy to have sat down at Industrial Eats for dinner last night. Their seasonal, locally focused menu of pizzas and “not pizzas” always blows me away.”

Allison Hardy, Manager, Phinney Ridge: “I’m diggin’ dancer Leah Jones, who just so happens to be a regular at the Phinney Ridge cafe. Check out this new Gran Rapids music video she dances in below, where there’s a Vita hat toss in slow motion at the 2:23 mark. Love it!”

Something you need this week: Alpen White & Black Baseball Tee—Like Shawn and Pearl, it’s always a style home run when wearing this. (Buy Here)


My First Time: BLVD 16 at Hotel Palomar

| August 19, 2014


It may have been the glam of Los Angeles or the ideal location on Wilshire Boulevard, but something about BLVD 16 was just right.

Located in Hotel Palomar—a Kimpton property—BLVD 16 certainly has all of the bells and whistles that a first-time visitor to the city would expect, but the service, prices and, most importantly, the cuisine is what separates it from other trendy places in the area.

Rather than trying to keep up with the Jones’, BLVD 16 holds true to itself in serving what they describe as, “farm-to-fabulous” food, offering a bevy of options in a perfectly designed setting.

Not over-the-top fancy or too dim, BLVD 16 hits on every level, with menu prices that are affordable for a table of two or a large party.


Since they serve Caffe Vita, I wanted to check this place out—and it surpassed all of my expectations.

Making a stop in for brunch this past Sunday, I was immediately overwhelmed by the depth of the menu, with selections for those who like their first meal of the day either light, hearty or sweet.


As a vegetarian, my eyes—and stomach—got big for the Egg White Scramble, which consisted of roasted tomato, spinach and mushrooms, which joined a cup of Vita coffee to help pick me up.

At the first bite, I knew I made the right choice, as the flavor hit about every taste bud in my mouth. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the fresh veggies complemented them just right.


Shawn Jennings—Vita’s Digital Media Manager— and I were so focused on our food that any form of conversation was limited, with Shawn ordering the Acai and Tropical Fruit Bowl.

Scarfing down our plates in a matter of minutes, we eventually talked about how impressed we both were with both the city of L.A. and the friendliness of everyone at BLVD 16.

After overhearing our conversation about surfing after breakfast, our server gave his suggestions as to where the best spots to go are—and pleaded to try and come with us following his shift.

Just as we were set to pay and say thanks to everyone we met, a surprise dessert came out to us, on the house!


Serving a German Chocolate Cake to two guys is never a bad idea—even if it is just after breakfast—as the dessert was gone in minutes.

Making our way out of the hotel, both Shawn and I were thoroughly impressed with our experience, agreeing that we’d have to come back during our next visit to the city.

BLVD 16 might not have the star-studded appeal that other restaurants in the city have, but if you’re looking for a place where you can get great food, drinks, service and actually hold down a conversation, BLVD 16 is one of the best spots in town.