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The Vita Escort – To Surviving Sasquatch! Music Festival

| May 16, 2014


If you’re a music lover in the Seattle/Northwest region, we don’t even need to tell you what next weekend is.

That’s because most everyone and their mother knows that the Sasquatch! Music Festival is going on at The Gorge Amphitheatre, bringing thousands of concertgoers to the Columbia River to take in some of the best music anyone could ask for.

With headliners like Outkast, Foster the People, Kid Cudi and Cold War Kids—among others—set to perform, Sasquatch! has been the main spot to spend Memorial Day weekend since 2002.

But with partying and jamming out comes (a small bit) of responsibility.

Since we want to make sure you don’t burn yourself out too early in the weekend, Caffe Vita’s giving you the must-know survival guide to have the fucking time of your life—and actually live to tell about it.

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8. Water

Whether it’s a steamer of a weekend or nice and cool, you’ll need something to keep your ass hydrated through the long days and nights—so water will be your best friend.

There are water fountains scattered through the festival, but since they can be a little bit further than you’d prefer—and usually overcrowded—having a few gallons at your campsite is a must.

7. Sunscreen

Look, you don’t want to be that dude who spent the entire weekend going from Casper the Friendly Ghost to Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, so make sure you remember what your mama told you before going anywhere the sun will be beating down—wear your sunscreen.

You may want the rays hitting you to make you a little more cinnamon, but when you don’t protect yourself, it can turn into a serious issue by Day Two or Three because you’re so burnt.

6. A Friend

No one wants to be that guy who roams the grounds by himself, wearing the same clothes all weekend and not interacting with anyone else, so, to save yourself from being labeled that way, bring a friend.

We can appreciate your independence and love for the music, but it’s not quite the experience when you roll solo to something like a music festival.

Plus, you’ll want a drinking partner and someone to vouch for how you really got backstage, right?

5. Little Cash

Sasquatch! is not the W Hotel, and if you think it should be, you should probably cancel your trip now.

On top of not shelling out cash to have all the luxuries we’re normally so accustomed to, don’t even bother bringing much cash into the grounds, as everything you should need you should bring yourself.

Water, snacks, shelter, heat, alcohol, etc.; it should all be on the top of your list of things that you’ll provide for yourself, rather than overspending at the venue.


4. Shades

All those #Selfies that you’ll be posting with newfound friends have to look cool, right?

Seriously, though, wearing some cool-ass shades will not only help keep the sun out of your eyes, but, make them unique, and they’ll be an instant conversation starter for meeting new folks.

3. Headphones

You’re probably wondering why in the hell we would tell you to pack a pair of headphones when you’re already going to be surrounded by music for three days straight, right?

No, we’re not crazy, we’re just thinking logically with this one.

Rather than hear the noise from the stage or confined campgrounds while you’re trying to sleep/nap, give yourself the option of listening to something that will help tone that unwanted sound out by popping in some headphones.

2. Beer

Sasquatch! is all about the music—but it’s also about having fun.

Do we really need to explain why packing more than a few cases—or just bringing a keg—is necessary?

Unless you’re under the age of 21, we shouldn’t need to tell you why alcohol is a must-have—even if it’s only to get you to dance in front of strangers.


1. Coffee 

Come on now, our coffee matters, so of course we’re going to tell you to recommend packing some of our different varieties.

For all the boozing you’ll be doing and the lack of sleeping you’ll get, something needs to help cure you lack of functionality—and that’s where we come in.

Plus, here’s a little insider tip, Caffe Vita will be camping out at the event, so come find us to drink some coffee, beer and shoot the shit.