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Caffe Vita Introduces Burundi Nkuba

| May 8, 2014

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Caffe Vita is excited to welcome the newest member to our coffee family—Burundi Nkuba.

Coming from the tiny, landlocked country of Burundi in the heart of Africa, coffee is farmed by smallholders, whom, on average, have 100 coffee trees growing alongside subsistence crops such as cassava, beans, sweet potatoes and sorghum.


Our first offering from Burundi comes from Ibuco—a family enterprise meaning, “a new dawn is breaking”—which constructed the Nkuba washing station closer to the community where the coffee is grown, empowering the local farmers to improve the quality of their coffee by providing access to a local resource.


Now, the cherries are processed within hours of harvest, helping to preserve the fresh fruit flavors of their crop for a higher premium of quality. During harvest, perfectly ripe cherry is delivered to the Nkuba washing station by members of the cooperative, and, in the evening, the cherry is pulped before undergoing a lengthy, double fermentation and then carefully sun-dried on raised tables.

With a sweet aroma of blackberry, allspice and melon, the medium roast carries a flavor of dark chocolate, pear and currant to give it a distinct taste.

You can purchase a bag of our Burundi Nkuba at any Caffe Vita location or online.