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Featured Partner: Coastal Kitchen

| October 21, 2014

Meet Jeremy Hardy
The man not only behind Coastal Kitchen, but the 5 Spot, Jitterbug, Atlas Foods, the Hi-Life, Mioposto and Endolyne Joe’s.

“I love that we have the opportunity to expose people to different cultures. It’s very cool.”- JH

“I love that we have the opportunity to expose people to different cultures. It’s very cool.”- JH

The Boston native fell in love with the camaraderie, gratification, speed, and urgency of the food and beverage industry while washing dishes at the age of 14. After becoming a history major, he found jobs planting trees and bartending before opening up his first restaurant in 1988, the Beeliner Diner, followed by the Coastal Kitchen in 1993.

The Rotating Menu
If you’ve lived in Seattle, you know that we have about three seasons- wet, wetter and sunny. Which is why you’ll see the menu change 3 times a year, reflecting cuisines from coastal regions. In the past, Coastal Kitchen’s menu has spanned Brazil, Sicily, the Bay of Bengal, and Southeast Asia to name a few. They rarely return to a region, but when they do, the menu is completely re-done. They’re currently on their 97th menu featuring Morocco, but keep an eye out for Hawaiian eats coming up this summer, along with their millennial (100th) menu (!!!) during the summer of 2016.


Once a region is chosen, Jeremy and his hardworking staff go through a three-month process of reading literature, researching migratory patterns, and learning more about native ingredients. After the menu has been created, the entire staff attends a tasting, offers their input, and makes changes accordingly.

Then there’s the oyster bar. Consisting of at least 7 varietals, depending on what’s available on a day-to-day basis. Coastal Kitchen also has a seasonal section on the menu that changes weekly as ingredients become available (think snap peas, berries, etc.).

If you’ve visited in the past, you’ll also notice that the walls are adorned with art that corresponds to the menu, and the potty humor changes as well… You’ll have to check that out in person. Just head over to the restroom and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Sustainable Fishing:
Jeremy follows the Monterey Bay fishing guidelines to make sure that they select seafood that is fished or farmed in ways that have minimal impact on the environment.

oyster bar

“We make no claims to authenticity but we try our damnedest to do it right.” – JH

SS: What was your original vision for the restaurant?

JH: We wanted big flavor, vibrant food, a worldly menu. We started off with a southeast focus- the seaborne south. It wasn’t until 2004 that we really started focusing the menu on seafood.

SS: What has been your favorite region of all time?
JH: You know how you see a movie, and you think, ”That’s my favorite movie!” Then you see another, and think, “THAT’S my favorite movie.” Well that’s how I feel about the food. [Jeremy paused and thought long and hard] Okay, it would probably have to be the Amalfi coast [Italy]- because of the sea urchin.

SS: And a favorite from the current menu?
JH: From the current menu, it would have to be the Tagine D’Agneau. The lamb just falls off the bone, but the Pistache Sole Croûte comes in as a close second.

SS: Dessert?
JH: Caffe Luna paired with the chocolate torte. That one was easy!

Blunch happens seven days a week until 3pm, the oyster bar is available from 3pm- midnight, dinner from 5pm- 10pm and happy hour (mon- fri) from 3pm-6pm and again from 10pm- midnight.

If you need an excuse to take your palate on a food journey, Coastal Kitchen also participates in Seattle Restaurant Week (October 19-30, 2014). Make sure you stop by if you haven’t already! For a closer look at their hours and menu, visit >> http://coastalkitchenseattle.com

Happy eating!
Sarah Samuth



Its Festival Season!

| July 2, 2013

Summertime.  We already attended and were proud to serve Vita’s finest to musicians in the artist’s tent at The Governor’s Ball in NYC.  Soon there will be a sonic boom tagged specifically to Pike Street here in Seattle, as yet again we’ll be fully submerged in the going-ons of the Capital Hill Block Party.  This year’s festival takes place on July 26th, 27th and 28th, and some of our favorite local businesses like Off The Rez and High 5 Pie will be front and center, providing tasty treats for artists and festival goers alike.  You can still purchase tickets HERE, or head to the CHBP website for more information and a full list of participating artists and vendors.  You can also follow CHBP on Facebook and Twitter!

Block Party

We were just recently engaged in another music festival called Make Music LAan eleven hour celebration of musical creativity that took place on June21 throughout the entire county of Los Angeles. Many of the city sidewalks, parks, community gardens, street corners and schoolyards became the backdrop or stage for free concerts.

Caffe Vita SIlverlake provided an area inside for both artist and patron.  The day started with host and stand up comedian Kevin Corcoran who performed short 10 minute sets in between all the band’s.  First off, they heard from a talented young singer/songwriter named Justine Abigail.  After that was ParrisHarris performing a completely open, improvised series of pieces, the titles of each piece being made up on the spot.  Bren played a solo set of his original music, and at 5pm The Lady rocked the house with her quartet, featuring LA Vita’s Mike Lockwood on percussion.  Later, Swim Lessons played a short lo-Fi rock set followed by Widower, an outfit that  includes Kevin Large, another long time Caffe Vita Barista.  Orange Tulip Conspiracy is a band formerly based in Seattle. Now based in LA, OTC brought in a ton of people off the street, shredding their original electric Balkan gypsy jazz rock, featuring Ryan Perrish on saxophones and fellow vita barista Mike Lockwood on drums.  To close the day, the roof was torn down by LA grind punk trio AKA!

Photo by KT Pierce.

Photo by KT Pierce.

Learn more about Make Music LA from their website, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Photo by KCTS-9.org.

Photo by KCTS-9.org.

Caffe Vita will be also participating in the Doe Bay music festival August 8-11th.  Doe Bay Resort and Artist Home are proud to present their SIXTH ANNUAL DOE BAY FESTIVAL at The Doe Bay Resort and Retreat on Orcas Island, WA. The weekend festival features an extensive line-up of musicians, local cuisine, camping and activities in one of the most picturesque venues the Northwest has to offer.  Follow Doe Bay on Facebook and Twitter!


Artisan Baking, Scratch Cooking at GCB!

| June 4, 2013
Clyshaw works  at Grand Central Bakery in Multnomah Village!

Clyshaw works at Grand Central Bakery in Multnomah Village!

Long day at work?  Stop by Grand Central Bakery on SW Multnomah Blvd and get a Del Sol pick me up and a baguette for dinner!

Grand Central bakers transform the simple combination of flour, whole grains, water and salt into a dynamic selection of tasty artisan breads every day!

Grand Central bakers transform the simple combination of flour, whole grains, water and salt into a dynamic selection of tasty artisan breads every day!














At Grand Central Bakery, you’ll find a fresh, locally grown company dedicated to the craft of artisan baking and scratch cooking. Led by a unique mixture of family and friends along with some of the region’s most talented bakers and cooks, Grand Central Bakery features a vibrant wholesale artisan bread line and a friendly collection of neighborhood bakeries in Seattle and Portland.

By mid-morning their bakers roll out warm cookies, glazed cakes, and fresh pies and tarts ready for you to enjoy with your coffee or to take home to share.














Walk into your favorite neighborhood Grand Central Bakery and you’ll find flour on the floor, buttery sweet aromas in the air and mouthwatering displays of pasty fresh from the oven!

Follow Grand Central Bakery on Facebook, Twitter (SEA), and Twitter (PDX)!