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New Specialty Coffee from Colombia!

| May 28, 2013


Columbia Villa Maria

Most coffee farms in Colombia are relatively small, on average 1-2 hectares yielding 20 sacks of green coffee.  Consequently, Colombian coffee is usually exported as a blend of many small farms, either representing a cooperative or region. This past harvest we had the privilege of cupping many individual farmer lots and chose to focus on one of our favorite growing regions, Southern Huila.  This coffee, from the farm of Jesus Antonio Santamaria stood out on the cupping table with a distinct sweetness and mouth-feel.  It will only be available for a limited time and is not to be missed!

Jesus Antonio’s farm, Villa Maria, sits at 1500 meters in the community of Acevedo.  Coffee is harvested and processed with strict attention to detail and commitment to quality.  This microlot was harvested during the second semester, which spans from September to December.  After harvest, the coffee is pulped, fermented overnight, and then dried on covered patios.

Jesus Antonio is a member of the San Isidro cooperative, based in the town of Pitalito.  This cooperative has received recognition for the incredible quality of coffee that its members produce and for its commitment to the environment.  This region is teeming with wildlife, including species of birds found nowhere else in the world. In order to protect this biodiversity, the cooperative has purchased land for preservation.

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