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The Vita Escort – Cold Brew Tips From Chad Freilino

| August 22, 2014


As the Director of Coffee for An OTG Experience—an award-winning travel restaurant company with more than 200 restaurant and retail locations in ten airports across North America—Chad Freilino knows a thing or two about what trends in the food industry.

With that wealth of knowledge comes the duty to share his craft with others, which is what Freilino is doing today, giving some tips on the wildly popular cold brew that coffee lovers are drinking all over the nation.

As a great alternative to the normal, hot cup that people drink each day, Chad talks about the differences in brew methods and the process it takes to make cold brew, and considering each Caffe Vita café has cold brew on tap, we appreciate his insight.


Walk into any café this summer and, chances are, you will see cold brewed coffee on the menu. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of cold brew yet, it is a delectable and extremely efficient way to get your caffeine buzz on during the hot hot summer months. Cold brew isn’t a new concept, in fact Toddy (the OG company) has been around for over 50 years, so why hasn’t it caught on until now and why is it better than iced coffee?

Time. Time is the key (along with some other essentials you’ll find below) to making cold brew special. In a classic extraction, we steep our coffee in hot water (around 200 degrees F) for about 4 minutes. Heat is the catalyst that speeds up the melting of solubles, a.k.a the good stuff like caffeine that lives inside coffee beans. The longer we steep in hot water, the more we are going to get out of the coffee and at a certain point we reach the perfect steep time where flavor is optimal. The bad news is, we haven’t fully extracted the caffeine from the beans and if we go any further we will start to develop undesirable flavors (bitter, burnt, acidic). This is were cold brew coffee is unique.

With cold brew, we steep coffee in cold water. Take away the heat and we lose our catalyst in the reaction so the timeline gets much longer for brewing. About 16 hours to be precise. At the end of our overnight steep we get a sweet, syrupy coffee concentrate that has about 70% less acidity than any other brewing method out there. And the bonus, ALL of the caffeine is extracted from the beans. Yep, all of it. So, how is that sweet, delicious, super caffeinated, ready to go coffee better than traditional iced coffee? Because iced coffee is brewed hot then poured over ice. What that means is we have less caffeine (because of our short steep time), more acidity and less sweetness (because of heat) and once the ice melts we have watered down coffee to boot. If you don’t believe me, try it at one of our World Bean cafes. You won’t go back.


Here are my recommendations for home cold brewers for all types of budgets:

For the Hipster: The Cold Bruer - $75.

Originally a kick starter project, this mod design is all about minimalism. Made of mostly glass and a little plastic (its blue!) your friends will certainly notice your passion for both design and coffee while you are hosting your next farm to table dinner at your apartment.

For the caffeine-a-holic: The Toddy System – $39.50.

While this system may not be the prettiest, It sure is a workhorse. Made of durable BPA free plastic, you can count on this little 3-legged bucket to deliver over and over.

For those who like countertop bling: The Yama Glass Cold Tower – $235.

Yama glass is a one of a kind hand blown glass company based in Thailand. They have recently created an entire line of analog coffee brewing devices sold exclusively through Espresso Parts. This cold brewer is made of hand blown glass and hand carved wood. Make sure to measure your cabinet height though, this beauty stands 30 inches tall. Everyone will be jealous.

A little note if you get into home brewing: follow the directions that come with your brewer and remember, you are making a concentrate so make sure you dilute with at least 40% water unless you are drinking the cold brew as a 2oz shot. Otherwise you may end up like Chef Billy in DC who lost the ability to speak for couple hours after drinking a glass of cold brew concentrate. Ask him about it if you see him.

The Vita Escort – On The Top 5 Records To Buy At SEATAC

| August 16, 2014


For those who have ever flown from the SeaTac Airport in Seattle, you know that there are always a few things that must be done before boarding your flight.

If you’re at SEATAC anytime between 5:00am and 9:00pm, your first stop should be Beecher’s Handmade Cheese where you can pick up some mouth watering Mac & Cheese, and a cup of your favorite Caffe Vita coffee.

Your second stop should be the Sub Pop Records store that opened in SEATAC this past May, bringing arguably Seattle’s greatest and most famous record label to the forefront of travelers.


Filled with records, merchandise and other PNW history, the store is an oasis for diehard music-lovers and casual fans, alike.

With a few of us traveling to Los Angeles this weekend for the A Walk on Water surf therapy session, we wanted to browse through the shelves at Sub Pop to see what would catch our eye ear.

Instead of including that extra day’s worth of clothing on your next vacation, save the space… and check out the records that Sub Pop suggests be included in your carry-on—as this is the Vita Escort on the top five records to buy at SeaTac Airport. A big thanks to Josh T. for curating.


5. Shabazz Palaces: Lese Majesty

The second studio album from Seattle hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces, Lese Majesty was released in late-July after first debuting a few months earlier at the Seattle Pacific Science Center’s Laser Dome.

Receiving praise following the release by a number of different publications, Lese Majesty‘s sound is one that is both fresh for the band, yet unique to their style.


4. Beach House: Bloom

Released in May of 2012, alt-rock group Beach House’s Bloom may be a couple years old, but, as we all know, music is timeless—and this is an album worth checking out.

Debuting at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 list after selling 41,000 copies its first week, the album eventually peaked to the top spot on the US Alternative and US Independent album charts, meaning Bloom is the perfect record to play from the inside-out.


3. Luluc: Passerby

Just released in the middle of July, Australian folk duo Luluc worked with legendary producer Joe Boyd on this, their sophomore record, as Boyd has bands like Pink Floyd, Nick Drake and R.E.M., among others, on his resume.

The music on Passerby evoke the sounds of the late-sixties and early-seventies, with a new, folksy vibe on the tracks that will no doubt leave one feeling each lyric from the peaceful voice of lead singer Zoe Randell.


4. Broken Water: Tempest

Inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the sixties, Olympia, Washington rock band Broken Water’s Tempest exudes everything one wants in an album when putting a house party together.

Major reverb and hazy sounds make the band’s second full-length album one that isn’t for the faint of heart, and was produced on Sub Pop’s younger sister label, Hardly Art, back in May of 2012.


5. Black Marble: A Different Arrangement

Like the aforementioned Broken Water album, Tempest, Black Marble’s A Different Arrangement was also produced on Hardly Art in 2012, and was the first release from the Brooklyn synth band.

Thanks to the mixture of quick rhythms and dark basslines, A Different Arrangement might resemble that of a mid-eighties, dark pop album, but with a modern twist from the past.

Not traveling through Sea-Tac anytime soon? Check out the gallery below, of the oasis located in N Gate.

The Vita Escort – On Cool Coffee Treats to Try This Summer

| July 19, 2014

cold brew

For anyone who has stepped outside recently, it’s impossible to escape the sunny, sometimes miserably hot weather.

And while we all survived the chilly winter and gray spring to get to this point, it can be a little difficult to enjoy a hot cup of coffee each morning when the sun is blistering down.

While we love ourselves some Vita’s Caffe Luna drip to get us started, sometimes going with a colder coffee alternative is a better call—which is why The Vita Escort is giving you the coolest coffee treats to try this summer.


5. Six Strawberries Caffe Vita Latte Pop

We bet you didn’t know that coffee came in a Popsicle form, did you?

Sure, there are coffee-flavored ice creams and such, but when it comes to the quintessential summer snack, there’s nothing quite like a Popsicle.

That’s why Vita is fortunate enough to have Six Strawberries create their Caffe Vita Latte Pop, taking all the goodness one would get in a regular cup of coffee and putting it on a stick for people to try.

And for those looking to score one, Six Strawberries will be outside the Vita Bean Room for a few hours each Saturday throughout the summer, so keep an eye on our Twitter for when they’ll be serving up their pops!

4. Affogato al Caffe

A perfect Italian dessert, Affogato al Caffe brings together two of our favorite things—coffee and gelato.

Mixing a few ups of vanilla gelato with brewed espresso, this might not be something we’d advise one to have every single day during the summer, but, especially around company, it makes for the ideal after dinner indulgence.

Garnish it however you feel and sit back and enjoy an amazing dessert.

3. Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s Caffe Vita Caramel Shake

As we mentioned in The Vita Escort last week, one alternative way of using grounded coffee beans is to make a milkshake.

So, naturally, that’s exactly what our good friends over at Snoqualmie Ice Cream did, creating a delicious, sweet Caffe Vita Caramel Shake to devour during these warmer months.

With ice cream, Vita cold brew and ground espresso, and caramel, this is one treat that is definitely worth trying when the sun is out.

2. Malted Mocha Iced Coffee

If you enjoy chocolate milkshakes and Vita coffee, then a Malted Mocha Iced Coffee may just completely blow your mind.

Taking the deliciousness of a plain milkshake and adding coffee to it, one of these will put a nice little spin on one’s everyday cup of coffee, adding some amazing flavor to it.

There are a variety of different recipes out there for this, so it depends on personal preference of just how much sweet you want to go with your coffee.

One thing’s for sure, though—it will taste incredible.


1. Caffe Vita Cold Brew

While all of these other options are delicious dessert-like options, those looking for a more traditional coffee drink can always go to old reliable—Caffe Vita Cold Brew.

Served over ice, medium blended coffee sits in a cold, filtered brew tank anywhere from 12-24 hours, bringing out specific flavors in coffee beans that make Cold Brew the next best thing to a piping hot cup of coffee.

If you like to drink your coffee from a straw and a plastic cup when the weather is warm, Cold Brew is the way to go.

The Vita Escort – On Alternative Ways To Use Coffee Grounds

| July 11, 2014


It’s no secret that we love coffee.

Heck, hearing the response from all of our great guests and customers, it’s pretty obvious that all of you enjoy it, too.

And while most of us consider using coffee grounds for one thing—making coffee—there are actually endless of opportunities that you can do with them.

Sure, there are very few things that beat sipping a nice, bold cup of coffee each morning, but take a look at some of these five, alternative ways that you can use some delicious Vita grounds.


5. Make a Milkshake

In these scorching hot, summer days that we’ve been having for the last few—and next couple—months, what better way to cool yourself down than to enjoy a sweet treat that has a little caffeine in it?

For those looking for a unique and tasty recipe, check out what our friends as Snoqualmie Ice Cream worked with us on, putting together the Vita Caramel Shake.

4. Mosquito Repellent

If you’re thinking about camping this summer, one of the most crucial things one needs to remember is bug repellent.

The last thing anyone wants to have happen is to get eaten alive by mosquitoes or other annoying bugs.

And while there are plenty of over-the-counter options, one of the simplest is using coffee grounds, with the smell permeating enough of a harsh scent that keeps these little critters away from you.

Most people love the smell of coffee. But it looks like tiny insects don’t share that same adoration.


3. Exfoliate your Skin

Yep, believe it or not but those robust smelling coffee grounds can actually help clear up all those dead skin cells that you have on your body, with people being able to use them as exfoliation on their face.

It takes just about a cup or so of grounds, some sugar and coconut oil to get that glow and smoothness that you’ve always wanted from your skin.

Forget being born with it, maybe it’s coffee beans!

2. Wood Stain

For all the do it yourselfers out there, hold back from tossing out the grounds from your morning coffee and save them to create a beautiful stain to use on wood.

Yep, with just a few supplies—coffee grounds being the most critical—you can save yourself from paying for the wrong color dyes or paint by controlling the shade of brown with coffee grounds.

Plus, you can brag to your friends that you were the one who discovered this little trick.


1. Meat Rub

One of the more commonly known uses of coffee grounds, as the foody culture continues to evolve, chefs everywhere are finding uncommon ingredients to use in a variety of their dishes.

And wouldn’t you know it, coffee grounds are suddenly becoming one of the most popular.

Often used as a dry rub to help give meats a flavor unlike any pre-packaged spices can, coffee grounds on your next pork, chicken or steak will make your taste buds go crazy for what they’re experiencing.

Just check out what our good friends at Off the Rez are doing with Vita grounds.