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10 Things You Need to Know On July 14

| July 14, 2014


Monday’s can be difficult to deal with at times.

Whether it’s downing as much Vita coffee as possible to stay awake at your desk in the quest to recover from a busy weekend or dreading sitting inside all day while the summer sun shine’s down, getting through the first day of each week can bring some struggles.

That’s why we try and help you out when you’re looking for some entertaining stuff to read on the Internet, giving you a few things that will make you seem really smart amongst friends, family and coworkers.

Here are the 10 things you need to know for today, so go spread some knowledge onto others.


10. Caffe Vita got the chance to serve some great people—and hang out with some cute animals—at Woodland Park Zoo’s Jungle Party this past Friday.

You can see the pictures on our Facebook page.

9. For our friends around the country who might feel a bit stressed out, CNN released its most stressed out cities in the U.S.

Our solution? Grab some of our coffee and sip it slowly—that’s sure to slow things down and cheer you up.

8. In case you haven’t noticed all those soccer nuts tuning into the World Cup the past month, things ended with yesterday’s title game, with Germany defeating Argentina with a late goal in the second extra time period.

In other soccer news, the hometown Seattle Sounders beat the rival Portland Timbers with a 2-0 victory, adding to their first place standing.

7. For those who enjoy testing their mid-’90s music knowledge, see if you can identify which alt-bands these guys belonged to thanks to Buzzfeed’s quiz.


6. Don’t forget to get your tickets to Capitol Hill Block Party! With the event going on in less than two weeks, it’s going to be quite the party.

With 100 different bands playing in three days, it’s sure to be quite the party, so get more info on the official website.

5. If some of you parents are nervous that your children are spending too much time on Facebook or posting inappropriate material, fear not, because the social media network has hired a full-time cop to help try and regulate it. No joke.

4. President Barack Obama may have given the best dap ever to an employee at a BBQ joint in Austin, Texas over the weekend, offering a fist bump following Obama laughing at a witty comment.

3. One of Seattle’s favorite athletes of the past decade, Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners got the starting nod for the American League All-Star Game tomorrow night.

2. Who says that playing in the band is for geeks? A middle school heavy metal trio called Unlocking the Truth just landed a $1.7 million record deal with Sony, surely making the Brooklyn-based teens the coolest kids in school.

1. In case you’re still tossing out old coffee grounds, the Vita Escort has some alternative options that they can be used for.

10 Things You Need to Know On June 16

| June 16, 2014


Monday’s aren’t always the best day of the week, but for some reason we’re feeling super chippy and energetic today.

Maybe it’s because we’ve now had a few days to recover from our New York City trip last week, where we served coffee backstage and met with some of our favorite, Vita-serving restaurants, or because the World Cup has got us pumped up about the next month.

Regardless of the reason, here are a few things that you should know today to help you get on our level as far as being in the know, so we hope you enjoy.

10. The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals last night, winning the franchise’s fifth title since 1999 and joining the Boston Celtics, L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls as the only teams with at least five championships.

9. Although we prefer you reading our blog to get you going each Monday morning, there was a story released about the 15 things that successful people do to start each week.

We’re not sure if they all work, but we’d like to think that the “staying focused” one has something to do with drinking lots and lots of coffee.

8. A musician lost way too soon, rapper Tupac Shakur would have been 43 years old today.

While his music still impacts hip hop today, it’s also being recognized by Broadway musicals, as the show Holler If Ya Hear Me is performing in dedication to the influential artist.

7. See why one dad wins the award for the coolest, most unique dad on the planet—well, at least when it comes to designing lunch bags for his son each day.

Seriously, these drawings are totally rad.

6. With our friends at the Woodland Park Zoo making sure we’re all safe during camping season, they put on the “Bear Affair” even last weekend to show what is and isn’t recommended when around wild grizzly bears.

And since bears seem to love our coffee as much as everyone else, make sure to see some other tips the zoo provides to avoid any dangers in the woods.

5. Just because everyone loves the show so much, we really hope you are all caught up on Game of Thrones, because last night’s season finale is one that is still being talked about on social media and around the Internet.

4. Just a reminder that Caffe Vita teamed up with Rudy’s Barbershop, the Ace Hotel and the It Gets Better Project to help promote the movement with t-shirts from some of our favorite artists.

Make sure to show your support by getting your shirt online.

3. For all those who love to snap pictures and post them on Instagram—and, yes, we’re guilt as charged—there are some cool sunglasses that help make the world a living Instagram photo.

Providing unique filters that show the world like your edited photo would, these are actually pretty dope.

2. Whenever we get delayed our have a long layover at an airport, it can be difficult to figure out what to do.

Rather than get frustrated and sit around, a traveler by the name of Richard Dunn turned his downtime into quite the adventure last week in the Las Vegas airport.

1. Without giving too much detail, Vita is releasing a new, single origin Colombia El Cedro this week that will add yet another delicious coffee to our menu.

Keep an eye out for it and make sure you don’t be shy in sipping a few cups.

10 Things You Need to Know On June 2

| June 2, 2014


Since it’s Monday and you probably feel as exhausted from the weekend as we do, we like to give you a few trending things to help get you through the day.

And while we never advocate wasting time and counting minutes at your cubicle, we’re cool with you taking a coffee break and reading about some of the stuff the Internet can’t seem to stop talking about.

Hopefully these bring a little spark to your day.

10. There’s a hilarious Twitter war going on between the L.A. Kings and the New York Rangers before the Stanley Cup Final begins in a few days. We love these things, so we had to share the good, lighthearted wit.

9. A few folks from the Caffe Vita team are making the trek to New York City for the Governor’s Ball Music Festival this upcoming weekend.

Follow their whereabouts by checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all weekend long.

8. If you struggle with the Google machine, here are a few tips to help make your life a lot easier.

7. We released a new, Vita flag tee in our store to help increase the options in your wardrobe this summer.

6. Twitter is blowing up with #PerksOfDatingMe reasons for those who see themselves as the relationship type. So don’t sell yourself short if you get in on the fun.

5. A few beer bottles, some musical talent and a lot of love for Michael Jackson gave us one incredible YouTube video that has played on repeat a lot today.

4. Thanks to Campari, Negroni Week is happening at all Seattle-area Via Tribunali restaurants. With a purchase of a Negroni drink from June 2-8, there will be a $1 donation made to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation. Check Via Tribunali’s Facebook for special events.

3. In the spirit of Negroni Week, here are some awkward photos of dogs that will make you want to adopt one yourself.

2. The most epic selfie ever taken may have been snapped atop the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1. Without spoiling the surprise, Caffe Vita does have a new, single origin coffee coming this week. Your patience is needed until later this week, when we’ll give you full details. Know this, though—it’s delicious.

10 Things You Need to Know Right Now

| May 19, 2014

JAY-Z-Beyoncé-_RUN_.mp40999-e1400394296912-650x347Yep, it’s Monday.

And since you’re probably nursing a two-day hangover and need our coffee to help pick you up today, here are a few things that you should know right now.

Rather than let things get slow and boring, allow these to bring some spark to the first day of your week.

10. This whole Jay Z and Beyonce “Run” trailer is not real—but just a clever way to promote their summer tour.

9. 13 year old Jeffrey Miller knows how to use Vine better than anyone else.

8. Moving is the most miserable thing on the planet. From the experience our Storyteller Nick Dimengo had this weekend, it was a random he thought was worth sharing.

7. Here’s a sneak preview of the film Foxcatcher, which is already being touted as an Oscar contender for 2015—and it stars two actors you might not associate with the Academy Awards.

6. It’s Sasquatch! Week. Do you have what you need to survive the debauchery about to unravel?

5. Last night’s Billboard Music Awards unveiled a Michael Jackson hologram—which we’re still trying to figure out was dope or a little creepy?

4. Actor Matthew McConaughey found out that his neighbor in New Orleans was Brad Pitt. Naturally, Pitt welcomed his fellow 2014 Oscar winner with a brew—which McConaughey abruptly drank with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Alright, alright, alright.

3. You can now buy your own cold brewing system from our Online store.

2. Lance Armstrong got a mega awkward Cards Against Humanity choice last night—and he tweeted it out quite beautifully.

1. Mike Law—Owner/Chef of Bourbon & Bones in Fremont—welcomed his first baby into the world this weekend. Stop into the store and congratulate him with some bourbon.