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The Vita Escort – On How to Properly Watch the World Cup

| June 20, 2014


Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably taken notice of all the soccer jersey’s being worn around town by folks who have World Cup fever.

And as they pack your favorite bars and cozy themselves next to the TV’s, we at Vita want to make sure that you can differentiate between those who just enjoy watching sports and those who actually know what they’re doing—so this is the Vita Escort to watching the World Cup.


8. Understand the Enormity of It

Much like the Olympics, the World Cup comes around every four years—so, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

While some may appear to go over-the-top in their support, this is the one time where yelling at the TV, swearing every other word and crying over a loss is completely OK.

Celebrating a win or sulking over a defeat in any other sport should last for a few hours. But a World Cup result shouldn’t escape someone so easily, instead sticking with them for a couple days because the country they’re rooting for is either overachieving or came up short on expectations—so remember to never judge anyone for their reaction following a game.

7. Expect the Unexpected

What makes the sport of soccer so great is the passion and creativity that pours out of each team and individual.

A goal-scoring celebration, a player crying over their country’s national anthem and, yes, guys losing their cool because they’re caught-up in the moment.

Other sports leagues around the world try and turn their players into robots by limiting what they can and can’t do. But the World Cup is about enthusiasm and love for the game, which lead to some moments that would otherwise be frowned upon by other sports.

6. Always Be Watching

Much like the NCAA tournament that causes us all to have March Madness, the World Cup is a time to always have a game streaming on your work computer.

So whether that means actually watching the game as a split-screen, setting-up shop in the break room where there’s a TV or just listening to what’s going on with headphones from your cubicle, there’s no excuse for missing any action.

We understand that there’s work to get done, but this is the beautiful game we’re talking about here, your boss will understand—since they’re probably doing it themselves, anyway.

world cup

5. Know The Players

OK, so everyone knows about Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar, but don’t come to the bar and ask how England and David Beckham is doing, because, here’s a hint—he doesn’t play for them anymore.

We’re not saying you have to study all 32 countries’ rosters and familiarize yourself with each player, but at least knowing the superstars in the World Cup would be a wise move—and will help you enjoy the matches a lot more.

4. Get a Jersey

In most cases, we’d go against wearing a sport’s jersey of any kind—especially if you’re going with the tucked-in look—but when it comes to the World Cup, it might be the one time where you’ll actually feel like an outsider if you aren’t donning one.

While fans from the NFL, NBA , NHL and MLB mostly look silly wearing oversized jersey with all the bells and whistles on them, soccer jersey’s are more subtle and, in a weird way, prove that you’re a little bit more cultured.

So instead of wearing that polo shirt or button-down, get yourself a jersey to show your allegiance.

3. Know the Chants

I believe that we will win.” If this means nothing to you, we wonder if you’re a real American.

This is the current cheer that Sam’s Army—better known as the U.S.A. supporters—have been chanting for the past couple months in anticipation of the World Cup.

And with the U.S. in the Group of Death—pinned against international powers like Portgual and Germany in their next two matches—one would be wise to inform yourself on what everyone at the bar is yelling—so, at the very least, you can join in and know what the heck it all means.

2. Drink—Heavy Beer

Here in Seattle, there are very few people who don’t know beer. But for those who are still watching their figure by sipping light beers, when there’s a soccer match on, it’s time to change your routine.

Get yourself some Vita coffee to get your stay started—obviously—and then sip on a Guinness, an imported ale out of a stein or simply choose your favorite IPA, because soccer fans know that good beer is essential to watching a good match.

1. Never Record It

We know that this can be difficult if you avoid some of the other tips we’ve given you—like streaming the game from your work computer because you’re too much of a brownnoser—but watching a World Cup game hours after it happened is both silly and nearly impossible.


On top of social media blowing up during every match—potentially spoiling the result for you—soccer isn’t like other sports where it’s back-and-forth and high-scoring, meaning you could watch an entire game after it happened, and realize the thing ended in a 0-0 tie.

As much as we love the sport, wasting two hours of your life to be let down isn’t worth it.

What We’re Diggin’ on June 17th

| June 17, 2014


Fear not, friends from around the Internet, we’re almost halfway through the work week, meaning that as this nicer weather rolls in, there should be time to get outside and actually enjoy it.

But because you’re stuck in front of a computer right now, probably procrastinating by watching the World Cup and reading about Caffe Vita, why not see a few more things that might be of interest?

From shows this weekend, to the U.S. soccer team and, yes, even freaky fast lunch delivery, here’s what a few people in the Vita offices and cafes are diggin’ on this week.


Gretchen HacklerMarketing Manager: “I’m diggin’ Skyline Socks and the collab coming up for fall, helping us donate socks to those in need in our community!”

Sarah Ilgenfritz, Human Resources Coordinator: “I’m diggin’ the opportunity to teach my yoga workshop at shefayoga Roosevelt this Saturday from 1:30pm-3:30pm. If you’re free, swing by and take part in it.”

Ross Beamish, Training Supervisor: “I’m diggin’ on listening to Chad VanGaalen on Saturday at the Tractor with other Vita friends, running into Chris Mansfield/Fences on Capitol Hill today, U.S. soccer team defeating Ghana and collaborating with Jeff Bell of PDT on coffee cocktails in New York City.”

Sarah Lane, Marketing Intern: “Although I’ll be sore tomorrow, I’m diggin’ on my workout with Malanga at Seattle Boxing Gym. Also diggin’ on my road trip this weekend to Chelan.”

Shawn Jennings, Digital Media Manager: “I’m diggin’ on the new Seattle Boxing Gym website.”

Skyler Locatelli, Sales Rep: “I’m diggin’ the latest record from Jeffertitti’s Nile, called “Electric Hour.” Here’s the live version video of “Stay On.

Chrissy Nolan, Wholesale Representative: “I’m diggin’ on traveling to sunny NorCal to check in on the fine purveyors of Caffe Vita Coffee, and getting punchy and fit at the Seattle Boxing Gym with Derek Kavan now managing.”

Nick Dimengo, Content Creator: “I’m diggin’ on the fact the LeBron James lost the NBA Finals and that my sources (me talking to myself in the mirror) assures me that he’ll sign with my hometown Cleveland Cavs.”


Zackery Woods, Manager, Queen Anne: “I’m totally diggin’ on my new portable suitcase style turntable with built-in speakers by Pyle. Perfect for hammock time in the backyard.”

Erin Bednarz, Customer Service Rep: “I’m diggin’ Freaky Fast lunch delivery from Jimmy John’s—that’s where it’s AT – we did a huge sweep for lunch upstairs today and hit really hit the spot. I’m also feeding my recent craving for DRY cucumber soda, which is carried in all the cafes.”

Rick FrielGrocery Field Representative: “I’m diggin’ the new band, California Breed. Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and Jason Bonham (son of Led Zeppelin’s late great John Bonham). It’s the best album I’ve heard all year!”

Something you need this week: Bonmac Syphon Brew System—If you can’t make it to Vita, you might as well brew our coffee at your own home. (Buy Here)