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10 Things You Need to Know On July 14

| July 14, 2014


Monday’s can be difficult to deal with at times.

Whether it’s downing as much Vita coffee as possible to stay awake at your desk in the quest to recover from a busy weekend or dreading sitting inside all day while the summer sun shine’s down, getting through the first day of each week can bring some struggles.

That’s why we try and help you out when you’re looking for some entertaining stuff to read on the Internet, giving you a few things that will make you seem really smart amongst friends, family and coworkers.

Here are the 10 things you need to know for today, so go spread some knowledge onto others.


10. Caffe Vita got the chance to serve some great people—and hang out with some cute animals—at Woodland Park Zoo’s Jungle Party this past Friday.

You can see the pictures on our Facebook page.

9. For our friends around the country who might feel a bit stressed out, CNN released its most stressed out cities in the U.S.

Our solution? Grab some of our coffee and sip it slowly—that’s sure to slow things down and cheer you up.

8. In case you haven’t noticed all those soccer nuts tuning into the World Cup the past month, things ended with yesterday’s title game, with Germany defeating Argentina with a late goal in the second extra time period.

In other soccer news, the hometown Seattle Sounders beat the rival Portland Timbers with a 2-0 victory, adding to their first place standing.

7. For those who enjoy testing their mid-’90s music knowledge, see if you can identify which alt-bands these guys belonged to thanks to Buzzfeed’s quiz.


6. Don’t forget to get your tickets to Capitol Hill Block Party! With the event going on in less than two weeks, it’s going to be quite the party.

With 100 different bands playing in three days, it’s sure to be quite the party, so get more info on the official website.

5. If some of you parents are nervous that your children are spending too much time on Facebook or posting inappropriate material, fear not, because the social media network has hired a full-time cop to help try and regulate it. No joke.

4. President Barack Obama may have given the best dap ever to an employee at a BBQ joint in Austin, Texas over the weekend, offering a fist bump following Obama laughing at a witty comment.

3. One of Seattle’s favorite athletes of the past decade, Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners got the starting nod for the American League All-Star Game tomorrow night.

2. Who says that playing in the band is for geeks? A middle school heavy metal trio called Unlocking the Truth just landed a $1.7 million record deal with Sony, surely making the Brooklyn-based teens the coolest kids in school.

1. In case you’re still tossing out old coffee grounds, the Vita Escort has some alternative options that they can be used for.

What We’re Diggin’ on June 17th

| June 17, 2014


Fear not, friends from around the Internet, we’re almost halfway through the work week, meaning that as this nicer weather rolls in, there should be time to get outside and actually enjoy it.

But because you’re stuck in front of a computer right now, probably procrastinating by watching the World Cup and reading about Caffe Vita, why not see a few more things that might be of interest?

From shows this weekend, to the U.S. soccer team and, yes, even freaky fast lunch delivery, here’s what a few people in the Vita offices and cafes are diggin’ on this week.


Gretchen HacklerMarketing Manager: “I’m diggin’ Skyline Socks and the collab coming up for fall, helping us donate socks to those in need in our community!”

Sarah Ilgenfritz, Human Resources Coordinator: “I’m diggin’ the opportunity to teach my yoga workshop at shefayoga Roosevelt this Saturday from 1:30pm-3:30pm. If you’re free, swing by and take part in it.”

Ross Beamish, Training Supervisor: “I’m diggin’ on listening to Chad VanGaalen on Saturday at the Tractor with other Vita friends, running into Chris Mansfield/Fences on Capitol Hill today, U.S. soccer team defeating Ghana and collaborating with Jeff Bell of PDT on coffee cocktails in New York City.”

Sarah Lane, Marketing Intern: “Although I’ll be sore tomorrow, I’m diggin’ on my workout with Malanga at Seattle Boxing Gym. Also diggin’ on my road trip this weekend to Chelan.”

Shawn Jennings, Digital Media Manager: “I’m diggin’ on the new Seattle Boxing Gym website.”

Skyler Locatelli, Sales Rep: “I’m diggin’ the latest record from Jeffertitti’s Nile, called “Electric Hour.” Here’s the live version video of “Stay On.

Chrissy Nolan, Wholesale Representative: “I’m diggin’ on traveling to sunny NorCal to check in on the fine purveyors of Caffe Vita Coffee, and getting punchy and fit at the Seattle Boxing Gym with Derek Kavan now managing.”

Nick Dimengo, Content Creator: “I’m diggin’ on the fact the LeBron James lost the NBA Finals and that my sources (me talking to myself in the mirror) assures me that he’ll sign with my hometown Cleveland Cavs.”


Zackery Woods, Manager, Queen Anne: “I’m totally diggin’ on my new portable suitcase style turntable with built-in speakers by Pyle. Perfect for hammock time in the backyard.”

Erin Bednarz, Customer Service Rep: “I’m diggin’ Freaky Fast lunch delivery from Jimmy John’s—that’s where it’s AT – we did a huge sweep for lunch upstairs today and hit really hit the spot. I’m also feeding my recent craving for DRY cucumber soda, which is carried in all the cafes.”

Rick FrielGrocery Field Representative: “I’m diggin’ the new band, California Breed. Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and Jason Bonham (son of Led Zeppelin’s late great John Bonham). It’s the best album I’ve heard all year!”

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