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Brazil Rancho Sao Benedito

In the valley of the Rio Verde, on the slopes of the Mantiqueira Mountains, the fertile soil and rugged terrain is home to the most prized farms in all of Brazil. Whereas most of the coffee production in Brazil is massive in scale, an industrialized monoculture geared toward high yields, the coffees of this fertile valley are handled with a personal care and attention to detail that shines through in the cup.

 Rancho São Benedito is located near the town of Dom Vicoso, about a 30 minute drive south from Carmo de Minas. Mariana de Carvalho Junqueira inherited the farm from her parents in 1954 and her son Marcio currently manages the production.  Harvesting of cherry is selective and done by hand, a very labor intensive and time consuming process that is uncommon in Brazil.  The ripe cherry is then cleaned, pulped, and spread on patios to dry in the sun.  While drying, the coffee is raked regularly and monitored closely, until it reaches the desired moisture content. 

 Each varietal and lot from the farm is kept separate, cupped and scored for quality at the local cooperative in Carmo de Minas.  We have been working with this cooperative for many years as they assist in processing and exporting our Brazilian coffee.  This particular lot of yellow catuai stood out among the many coffees from the region that we cupped this year, with excellent sweetness and a delicate floral aroma.  

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