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Brazil Paivas

In the valley of the Rio Verde, on the slopes of the Mantiqueira Mountains, the fertile soil and rugged terrain is home to the most prized farms in all of Brazil. Whereas most of the coffee production in Brazil is massive in scale, an industrialized monoculture geared toward high yields, the coffees of this fertile valley are handled with a personal care and attention to detail that shines through in the cup.

 Fazenda Monte Verde is located between Jesuania and Conceicão do Rio Verde, roughly a 40 minute drive northwest from Carmo de Minas.  José Roberto Canato purchased the land for Monte Verde after a successful career in the technology industry in Sao Paulo.  Coffee cultivation was a return to his roots; his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all were coffee farmers.  José Roberto brings a methodical, precise, and passionate approach to coffee production.  During this past harvest we were immensely impressed by all aspects of his farm, from the sustainable management of natural resources to respect and compassion for those who work and share the land. The wolves sleep near the compost pile at night to stay warm.

 This particular lot is from Paivas, a slope planted with the low-yielding, high-quality yellow bourbon varietal. After selective harvesting of ripe cherry, the coffee is pulped and then dried on a patio in the sun for 5-6 days before finishing in the mechanical drier for another week.  This slow, even drying has been shown to benefit longevity and quality. We discovered this fantastic lot while cupping at the local cooperative in Carmo de Minas this past harvest.

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