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We are excited to offer our first coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We have attempted to bring in coffee from the Congo before, but instability in the region presents an enormous challenge. Rebel groups continue to roam the country, waging war over vast mineral resources. 

Our Congo coffee is from the SOPROCOPIV cooperative of North Kivu.  Formed in 2004, SOPROCOPIV aims to improve the lives of its members through the development of quality and access to the specialty market.  The cooperative continues to make strides in achieving its goals, recently constructing three wet-mills, including Kirumba, the source of our supply.  In addition, organic certification has just been obtained for the upcoming crop. 

The construction of these wet-mills has resulted in a leap in the quality and consistency of the coffee being produced.  Ripe cherry is delivered to this central location, where all pulping, fermentation, and drying take place.  The coffee was shipped in grain-pro lined jute bags through the port of Mombasa.  Though the obstacles are many, we hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with the coffee farmers of Congo. 

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