Single Origin

East Timor Hatuhei

This special release is from Hatuhei village in the Letefoho Highlands of East Timor. We visited for the first time this past harvest and were warmly into this community and inspired to begin a partnership. The farmers of Letefoho have a very strong sense of community, having organized themselves into groups for sharing in coffee production activities, such as harvesting and sorting. Cherry is hand pulped with locally constructed disc pulpers, fermented for two nights, washed, and then dried on tarps.

We have partnered with a non-profit, Peace Winds, to ensure quality and traceability through this project. Their focus is to assist the farmers of East Timor to achieve higher prices for their coffee through training, logistics, and marketing. We are planning on using a premium from this purchase to reinvest in quality improvement for the upcoming harvest.

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