Single Origin

Honduras Cruz Alta

This exclusive varietal separation was grown by the indigenous Lenca peoples of southwest Honduras on the slopes of the Camapara mountain, in the community of Cruz Alta.  The mountain is considered a natural park, with each community responsible for the source of their water.  As a result, all coffee processing is performed with respect for the environment.  

 The importance of shade for coffee cultivation has helped limit commercial logging on the mountain.  The region boasts lush forests of pine and holm oak, with many fruit plants and medicinal herbs.  In addition to a rich agricultural tradition the Lenca are renowned for their pottery, created from the same dark red clay soils in which their heirloom coffees are planted. 

Caffe Vita is committed to the preservation of heirloom varietals and paid a premium to have this bourbon varietal processed separately.  This varietal is considered one of the oldest and purest expressions of Arabica, with a deep, balanced profile and flavors of butter and chocolate.  The coffee from this community has been honored by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. 

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