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Kenya Kiandu

The Kiandu factory (wet mill), is one of seven belonging to the Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society.  Farmers in Mutheka planted their coffee trees in the early 1950’s on the fertile western slopes of Mt. Kenya, in the Tetu division of the Nyeri district.  This land represents some of the most highly prized terroir in the coffee world, due to its deep red volcanic soils.

 Approximately 1900 farmers contribute coffee to this wet mill, with the average farm containing only 300 trees on an acre of land.  During harvest, coffee cherries are selectively picked and promptly delivered thereafter.  The cherries are then sorted for ripeness, pulped, fermented, washed and sun-dried on raised tables. 

 After drying is complete, the parchment is delivered to the Thika coffee dry-mill where further sorting separates all of the peaberries from the delivery.  A peaberry occurs when only one seed forms in the coffee cherry and matures into a oval shape as opposed to the typical flat seed.  We found this peaberry lot to possess incredible sweetness and complexity. 

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